Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 9

  • 161) Sri Krishna caused him to lose all his weapons by shooting arrows that were a yard in length. Considering the request of Rugmini, he left him alive.
  • 162) Sri Krishna caught him and shaved his head, leaving five tufts. This was mere play for Sri Krishna and Rugmini, who are the parents of the entire Universe.
  • 163) Although Lakshmi and Narayana are always united in their thoughts, they played in that fashion for displaying the ways of the world.
  • 164) After that, Salva, the King of Saubhara, faced Sri Krishna and showered numerous arrows on him. Sri Hari hurled a deadly arrow at his chest.
  • 165) Having been hurt by that arrow, Salva fell down suffering and was rendered immobile. He got up after a long time and left that place, desirous of pleasing Shiva (through a penance).
  • 166) He declared in front of all Kings – “I shall ensure no Yadava remains on this Earth”. He started performing a most arduous penance.
  • 167) Sri Krishna then, along with Rugmini, entered his city Kushasthala (Dwaraka) even as Brahma and the other excellent Devatas worshiped him in numerous ways.
  • 168) Prior to that, Lord Balarama got married to Revati, who was originally too his wife by the name of Varuni.
  • 169) Earlier, her father King Raivata wanted to know from Brahmadeva who the actual husband of his daughter was.
  • 170) Due to the boon of Brahma, he entered Brahmaloka and lost track of time, spending several Yugas there even as he was listening to the celestial music (being played there).
  • 171) Humans lose their mind if they listen to music that they are not qualified to receive. Therefore, the King was confused after the music ended and thought that he had spent a very short of time there.
  • 172) Brahma woke him up from his lost state. He asked Brahma who his daughter’s groom was. Since several Yugas had passed, Brahma said “Balarama”.
  • 173) King Raivata gave her hand to Balarama and departed for Gandhamadana (mountain). There, he performed a penance and attained the feet of Sri Keshava.
  • 174) Balarama, the all powerful and one who was true to his intention, used his plough and corrected her (Revati’s) height in accordance with his own height. She was originally tall according to her Yuga of birth.
  • 175) Balarama enjoyed with her and in due course of time obtained two sons named Shata and Ulmuka. The two of them were the Avatara of Aryama and Amsha, two Devatas who were Adityas.
  • 176) On an auspicious day, Sri Krishna held the hand of Rugmini (married her). It was a day of grand celebrations for the residents of Kushasthala.
  • 177) Brahma, Rudra and the other Devatas stood in the sky and sang special prayers of Sri Krishna, the one who is indestructible and the one who is always with Ramaa.
  • 178) The best amongst sages, the deva-gandharvas and others also gathered along with the Yadavas and participated in the excitement of the marriage of Ramaa and Ramesha.
  • 179) Having been invited to that wedding, Kings who were the Amshas of Devatas and the Pandavas arrived there to be with Sri Krishna and Rugmini.
  • 180) Seeing Ramaa and Ramesha together that way, all the noble people in all the worlds felt very happy at the sight of the most beautiful couple in the Universe.

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