Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 9: Part 3

  • 61 Having heard that, everything from a straw to an ant who wished for Moksha came there; By the command of Lord Rama, even non-sentient things like the blade of grass obtained mobility; However, those who were destined to live longer did not wish for Moksha.
  • 62 Amongst those people, Lord Rama established Kusha on the throne and made Lava as the crown prince; Sugreeva also came over to Lord Rama after placing the son of Vali in the kingdom of the monkeys.
  • 63, 64 Lord Rama then embraced the son of Vayu and said thus – “I shall always be visible to you and never otherwise; The highest of the highest penances has to be done by you always; It is that long penance that gives me immense pleasure”
  • 65 “Even though you were fully capable, you did not kill the ten-headed one and Kumbhakarna, only out of love for me; You shall live till the end of this kalpa”
  • 66 “Even with this body, you will be able to go the abode of Mine in the milky ocean as you wish, or even to any other abode of Mine”
  • 67 “You will always obtain all kinds of enjoyment that you desire; Your fame will be praised by the attendents of the King of devatas; You will always enjoy yourself in My abode”
  • 68 “Anything that you desire shall never go futile even a little at any time; You will be very dear to me in every Kalpa”
  • 69 When He told thus, the son of Maruti said thus to the Lord of the Universe – “O Lord! Increase my devotion and keep it steady always at your lotus-feet”
  • 70 “It is my keen yearning that my devotion to You should always increase with time; Let my devotion always be supreme amongst all the groups of souls”
  • 71 “Salutations to you! Let me always prostrate at Your feet which are excellent in all noble attributes; Once again I prostrate at Your feet”
  • 72 When he said thus, the lotus-eyed Lord said – “Let it be so”; The Lord then departed to His abode along with even the insignificant straw and all the others (all those who desired to go with Him).
  • 73 When birds, animals, donkeys, ants and even straw and others obtained their divine forms, what else to say of monkeys and men?
  • 74 By constant meditation on Lord Rama, they had always obtained the true knowledge; Therefore, they attained the abode of Lord Hari.
  • 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81 Surrounded by all of them, the Lord went in the northern direction, shining with the radiance of infinity of Suns, endowed with infinite auspicious attributes; The hair on His head was covered by a crown which was shining like a thousand suns; His beautiful face was covered by thick hair which was radiating like a thousand moons; His eyes were beautiful like red lotuses and His ear-rings were radiating like lightning; His attractive smile reveal His red lips like tender leaves and all the Vedas are on His tongue; His neck was adding lustre to the Kaustubha pendant which was shining like multiple Suns; His two thick and long shoulders are capable of supporting the entire Universe; His two arms are radiant, round and long; He holds in His right hand the arrow which He raised when churning the Universe and with which He killed Madhu and Kaitabha; He gave the same to Lakshmana’s younger brother with which he killed the brother of Madhu, called Rasa, and built the city called Mathura.
  • 82 He held in His hand the arrow which was created out of the essence of all.
  • 83, 84 In His left hand, He held the bow called Shranga; The Lord had invaluable ornaments like Angada and Kankana in His arms and His lotus like red hands were adorned with precious rings; He bore the Goddess Sri Devi on His broad chest which was shining with the garland called Vanamala which consisted of precious gems.
  • 85, 86, 87 Lord Raghava, who is adorned with the Srivatsa and who has three rings in His stomach and has an excellent waist band, and is wearing a cloth shining with the radiance of lightning, and His thighs are like the tusks of an elephant and yet are soft, and His knees are round and the ankles are slender and the feet are red like tender leaves, is the ocean of unlimited bliss and is the embodiment of all strength, was shining above all like the Indraneela gem.
  • 88 With knowledge radiating from his lotus like eyes and the essence of Vedic knowledge emanating from his lotus like face, with His two hands handing out protection and desired happiness to all His servants, the Lord of all devas, Lord Rama, with His shining face, proceeded in the northern direction, which is free from all misery, towards His abode, illuminating the interior and exterior of the Universe with His radiant body.
  • 89 Hanuman held the umbrella shining with the radiance of ten thousand full moons and dispersing coolness, like nectar; Sita, who is the personification of all auspicious attributes, and who was shining like the brilliance of the rising Sun, had appeared in front of all eyes decked with ornaments; She had assumed the double bodies of Sri and Hri and waved, on both sides, fans which were white like the rays of the full-moon.
  • 90 Bharata, who is the current embodiment of the Chakra, was holding it on the right side and proceeding while Shatrughna, who is the current embodiment of the Shankha, held the best of the conches on the left side; In front were groups of devatas headed by Brahma and the deities presiding over the Vedas and the sacred Pranava; The entire world followed behind Lord Rama who was proceeding to His own abode.

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