Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 26: Part 4

  • 121) “I gave up the vow undertaken for protecting Saindhava for the sake of Arjuna. However, I cannot provide you a way under any circumstance. Witness my divine and extraordinary capability with astras”.
  • 122) As soon as he said thus, Bhima picked up a mace. Throwing it at Drona’s chariot, he said – “I respect you like a father. I shall always treat you with softness. I can never go tough against you”.
  • 123) “Witness now what my strength is if I go tough” – saying thus he threw his mace. Immediately, Drona’s chariot, along with the charioteer, horses, flag, wheels and axle was crushed to pieces due to the blow from Bhima’s mace.
  • 124) Noticing the mace hurtling towards him, Drona quickly jumped to the ground. He climbed another chariot that Duryodhana sent then, and started showering Bhima with arrows.
  • 125) When Drona started discharging arrows that were powered by great astras, Bhima, the main source of action for the world and the son of Vayu, jumped from his chariot and started rushing towards him like an ox, leaning his head forward.
    • Note: Bhima was the Avatara of Mukhyaprana, the Devata who is the reason for all activity in the world, conducted as per the wishes of Sri Hari.
  • 126) Bhima approached Drona at the speed of mind and instantly picked up his chariot and threw it into the sky. Through this, he gave him the message that he was not killing him out of respect.
  • 127) That chariot came crashing to the ground and was blown to pieces along with the horses and charioteer. Drona once again escaped by jumping to the ground. By that time, Vishoka brought Bhima’s chariot there. The extraordinary warrior Bhima climbed the same.
  • 128) Drona ascended another chariot given by Duryodhana and proceeded against Yudhishthira. Dhrishtadyumna, the commander of the Pandavas, stopped Drona in battle when he desired to capture Dharmaraja.
  • 129) Stopping his own army that was running away from Drona’s arrows, Dhrishtadyumna halted Drona with arrows of his own and, even as Drona kept watching, chased away the opponent’s soldiers.
  • 130) Desiring the victory of the Pandavas and Kauravas respectively, a most special, amazing and terrifying battle, that involved a relentless shower of arrows, took place between Dhrishtadyumna and Drona for a long time.
  • 131) Later Bhimasena, the one with unlimited valour, moved further slaying Duryodhana’s army with his arrows. Twelve Kauravas, including the great warriors Vinda and Anuvinda, faced him.
  • 132-133) Even as they hurled many arrows at him, Bhimasena cut off their heads simultaneously. When those great archers were killed, five ministers of Duryodhana named Satyavrata, Purumitra, Jaya, Brundaraka and Paurava rushed against Bhimasena. As they started showering arrows against him, Bhima picked up many sharp arrows together.
  • 134) With those arrows, he caused their heads to fly. When they fell dead thus, the rest of them ran helter-skelter. Chasing the enemies away like a lion chases stray deer, Bhima faced the grandson of Hridika (Krutavarma).
  • 135) When he obstructed by using arrows, Bhima quickly rendered him chariot-less and killed his horses and charioteer. Having been hurt very badly by Vrikodara, Krutavarma gave up battle and immediately left.
  • 136) As soon as he won against Krutavarma, Bhima started scattering the enemies. Killing all foot-soldiers, horses and elephants, he got close to Sri Krishna and Arjuna.
  • 137) Bhima became very pleased seeing Sri Krishna and Vijaya. They too saw him and engaged in conversation. Through a ferocious roar, Bhima indicated to Dharmaraja (about Arjuna’s safety). Hearing that, Dharmaraja, possessing excellent intellect, rejoiced greatly.
  • 138) When Bhima gave that leonine roar, the loud sound caused many Kaurava soldiers to urinate and excrete (out of fear). Others vomited blood and many died too. When all the Kings became scared then, Karna rushed towards Bhima. Vikarna and the other Kauravas too came there.
  • 139) In that battle, Bhima killed Vikarna and Chitrasena. Later, he smashed the chariot of the son of Surya (Karna). When Bhima started hitting him repeatedly with fiery arrows, Karna immediately ran away far from there.
  • 140) After recovering for a long time, Karna proceeded again against Bhima along with many Kauravas. Bhima killed all those Kauravas and destroyed Karna’s horses. He broke Karna’s weapons. Karna, once again, ran away from there quickly.
  • 141-142) Even as Karna kept watching, twenty three brave sons of Dhritharashtra, including Vikarna and Chitrasena, fell down from their chariots, their heads being cut off by Bhima’s arrows. All of them had come to help Karna.
  • 143) In that battle, Karna lost his horses, charioteer, chariot and flags twenty one times, due to the fiery arrows of Bhima. He got hurt on his body too.
  • 144) Worrying about his life, Karna kept leaving the battlefield out of sorrow and crying repeatedly even as everyone was watching.
  • 145-146) In the twenty second duel, Karna ascended an extremely radiant and impregnable chariot given by Sri Parashurama. He picked up a bow called Vijaya given also by him. Bringing along two quivers that would never run out of arrows, he faced Bhima with great anger.
  • 147) An extremely terrifying battle took place between Bhima and Karna for a long time. Both of them fought each other with blood-red eyes, covering the sky with clusters of arrows.
  • 148-149) “I am fully capable of killing you even if you had possessed the kavacha and kundala you were born with” – in order to convey such a message the mighty armed Bhimasena cut off Karna’s ear-rings and protective shield with his arrows and felled them on the ground in that battle.
  • 150) Felling them thus and conveying the message “I can kill you” Bhima tormented Karna once again with great many sharp arrows.
  • 151) Bhima then thought – “He has been granted a boon by Sri Parashurama that he shall win against everyone if he doesn’t battle with a sense of competition. Being in danger from me, he is not fighting with me in competition”.
  • 152) “Still, Bhagavan Parashurama, due to his extreme grace, is granting me victory without considering his own boon. However, I have to respect Sri Hari’s words at all times. Therefore let me provide space (an opportunity) for Karna now”.
  • 153) Thinking thus, when Bhima allowed it, Karna cut Bhima’s bow with the prowess of astras he possessed. He cut off the ropes of the horses too. Later, in order to display his true strength, Bhima gave up his chariot and alighted.
  • 154) In order to let everyone know that he needed neither the chariot nor the bow, that excellent warrior Vrikodara jumped into the sky and instantly landed on Karna’s chariot.
  • 155) A frightened Karna hid below the pole of the chariot. Vrikodara then, having shown that he could control the enemy even when without a weapon, jumped out of the chariot.
  • 156) Even though Bhima was fully capable of capturing Karna, or kill him, or take away his chariot or bow in battle, or to do to him what he did to Drona, he respected Sri Parashurama’s words out of devotion.
  • 157) In order to make Arjuna’s vow come true, and because Karna was a Vaishnava, Bhima went a little away from there and stood, so he could release arrows at him.
  • 158) Then, knowing that Bhimasena has stood there to respect the words of Sri Parashurama, Karna started hitting him with arrows. Bhima stopped his arrows using dead elephants. Karna started cutting off the dead corpses of the elephants.
  • 159) Approaching Bhima who was throwing dead elephants, Karna pierced him with the edge of his bow. Even though he knew Bhima’s valour very well, he spoke dirty words in order to please Duryodhana.
  • 160) When Karna was uttering filthy words against Bhima, Arjuna attacked him with excellent arrows. Being troubled by Partha’s arrows, Karna ran away from there, having lost his kavacha. Bhima climbed his chariot.

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