Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 2

  • 41) “This Jambudweepa and Lavana samudra is one lakh yojanas wide. The other dweepas and oceans are each twice as large as the preceding ones”.
  • 42-44) “Beyond the last ocean is the Suvarnabhumi coated with diamond which is slightly larger than half the size of the last ocean. All of this is known as Loka. Andhantamas is twice as large as all this. Those who are cruel and full of ignorance fall into this. Ghanodaka is twice as big as this (Andhantamas). At the end of it is my Loka which you saw. There, I reside as the Supreme Being and am always worshipped by (the liberated) Brahma and others”.
  • 45) “The sum total of the space occupied by Loka and Aloka (that which is not Loka) is fifty lakhs fifty thousand yojanas. It should be considered the same”.
  • 46) “Brahmanda is twenty five crore yojanas wide in the four directions from the Meru mountain, as also in the upper and lower directions”.
  • 47) “Water, Fire, Air, Space, Ahamkara, Mahattatva and the three Gunas (Satva, Rajas, Tamas) – these encircle the Brahmanda. Each of them is ten times wider than the inner one”.
  • 48) “I am omnipresent. I am everywhere. I possess infinite forms. There is no difference between any form of mine. I have infinite faces, eyes, feet, shoulders, thighs and attributes. My greatness is infinite. I possess a body that is pure knowledge”.
  • 49) “O Arjuna! You and all the others are under my control. Strength, victory and every other attribute possessed by all is only due to my grace”.
  • 50-51) “Therefore, don’t be surprised. Don’t give space for ego. Focus on me. Become my devotee. Worship me. Bow to me. You shall certainly obtain me. This is true. I promise you. You are dear to me” – when Sri Krishna said thus, Arjuna performed a sashtanga namaskara to him and said – “Please forgive me”.
  • 52) The Pandavas, who were given special care due to the excessive affection of Sri Krishna, turned modest out of devotion, spent another few months there and then left.
  • 53) Once then, Dharmaraja was seated in his palace surrounded with Kings and his brothers. Then, he listened to the details of the courts of various Devatas from Sage Narada and questioned him.
  • 54) “You mentioned that the Antariksha loka is up there at the distance of one lakh yojanas, and that the Swarga loka which is full of planes and gardens is half a crore yojanas higher”.
  • 55) “Bhuvarloka and Swargaloka are one crore yojanas wide. Maharloka, Janoloka and Tapoloka are one and a half times the distance from the previous one”.
  • 56-57) “It is said that the total size of these lokas is fifty crore yojanas. Satyaloka is at a distance which is the sum of the distances of the other lokas. Satyaloka is nothing but Brahmaloka and Brahma resides there. Vishnuloka which is eternal and is known as Vaikunta is twice the size (of Satyaloka)”
  • 58-59) “Each of these lokas provides more bliss than the previous one by a hundred times. Even though it is filled with innumerable people, due to Sri Hari’s wish, there is always space in these divine lokas and it never gets filled. All of them are always full of material comforts. The lokas are resplendent with the presence of divine men and women”.
  • 60) “The seven lokas below are similarly full of precious and divine stones. These seven lokas are borne by the powerful Seshadeva”.
  • 61) “The men and women living in these seven islands have all their material comforts, and live for thousands of years. All of them are very good looking”.
  • 62) “The Supreme Being Narayana is the one who bears and takes care of all these lokas. He resides in the Vishnu loka and is always worshipped by those liberated”.
  • 63) “All the presiding deities of the Vedas and the other Devatas are Brahma’s family. All the sages and King Harischandra are Indra’s family”.
  • 64-65) “You mentioned that all the Kings and our father Pandu were the followers of Yama and that all of them worshipped the Sri Rama form of Lord in the Sabha of Yama. The Vamana form of Sri Hari is worshipped by Indra”.
  • 66) “All the forms of Sri Hari are worshipped by Brahma always. The Nagas are the family of Varuna and the Matsya form is worshipped there”.
  • 67-68) “Kubera’s family consists of Gandharvas. Sri Hari is worshipped as Kalki there. The terrible Bhutas are the family of Shiva. Vishnu is worshipped as Sri Narasimha by him. In this way, Sri Vishnu is worshipped by all and you have thus described the divine Deva lokas that are ornate with precious stones”.
  • 69) “I have a big doubt. O Sage! How did King Harischandra obtain the loka of Indra? Why did our father Pandu not obtain the same?”.
  • 70) When he was asked thus, Sage Narada replied – “The greatness of Harishchandra is due to the performance of the Rajasuya” and further said – “Your father, who is in the Yama sabha, where two forms of Sri Hari are worshipped, said thus to me”.
  • 71) “Let my eldest son perform the Rajasuya Yajna. His brothers are his worshippers. Sri Krishna is his protector. What then is not possible for him?”
  • 72) Hearing this, Dharmaraja, the one with complete control over his senses and the knower of Dharma, started discussing with his brothers regarding the performance of the Rajasuya Yajna.
  • 73) When his brothers said that it was an excellent task, Dharmaraja sent his charioteer to Sri Krishna.
  • 74) At the same time, another messenger who was sent by the fathers and brothers of Sri Krishna wives came to him.
  • 75) He bowed to Sri Krishna and told him – “Your relatives by marriage have lost in battle to Jarasandha and are captive in the hills”.
  • 76) “Even as you are here, he intends to sacrifice twenty-two thousand eight hundred Kings to the ugra form of Shiva in a Yajna”
  • 77) “O Lord Krishna! You should kill Jarasandha and get these Kings released. For protecting Dharma, you should cause the failure of the Yajna”.
  • 78) When he said thus, Sri Krishna met the charioteer of Dharmaraja too and, after hearing him, left for the Pandavas.
  • 79) He was worshipped very well by the Pandavas. Dharmaraja asked him about the (feasibility of the) Yajna. Sri Krishna, the lord of Lakshmi, spoke auspicious words.
  • 80) “Whenever anyone performs this Yajna as per the laid down procedures, one who is qualified can obtain even the position of Brahma. But not others”.
    • Note: Whenever one performs Rajasuya, it has to be as per the mandate of the Shastras. Even after this is done, only those who are qualified obtain high positions such as the seat of Brahma.

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