Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 13: Part 6

  • 101) Lord Krishna granted both of them all their desires in abundance in this world, and saroopya mukti as boon in the other world. Thereafter, He started walking in the raajamaarga and saw a woman with a bent back (trivakra), carrying gandha that was fit for use by kings.
  • 102) As soon as He asked, Trivakra immediately gave Him all the gandha. Lord Krishna, along with his elder brother, applied all the gandha upon themselves. He immediately straightened her back as a blessing. After being prayed upon repeatedly, Lord Krishna said “I will come at a suitable time” and left the place with a charming smile.
  • 103) Lord Krishna, the One who was the resort for even the full moon and its group (of stars), the One who stole (everyones) hearts due to his radiance, the One who had radiance which exceeded that of numerous excellent suns, the One who had a body which was happiness itself, the One who was wearing peetaambara, the One who was wearing gold-like beautiful garlands, the One who was the ocean of beauty, the One who was the ocean of infinite auspicious attributes, walked on that raajamaarga!
  • 104) Lord Krishna reached the weapons-store. Lord Krishna, the One who is perfect eternally and One who is full of infinite strength, then lifted the bow which was given by Shiva and was never strung by anyone. He lifted that bow of Kamsa forcefully, and brought it near his chest and broke it into two right in the middle even as He was stringing it.
  • 105) That bow, which was till date unbroken by even the suras and asuras, made a terrible sound as soon as it broke, as if brahmanda itself had cracked. Even though Kamsa was very courageous, he lost all his energy as soon as he heard the sound, and fell down on the ground.
  • 106) Having destroyed the entire army that was sent by Kamsa, Lord Krishna along with Balarama joined the group of Nandas and others. He spent the night as willing, after consuming rice along with milk.
  • 107) Kamsa’s heart started pounding heavily out of extreme fear. Early in the morning, he seated himself on a high pedestal in the midst of the group of (other) kings. Numerous people from the land, and town, seated themselves in smaller seats along with their wives.
  • 108) Kamsa placed a big elephant called Kuvalayapeeda along with its mahout at the entrance of the stadium. Inside of the stadium he placed valorous wrestlers like Chanoora, Mushtika and others and desired to control Lord Krishna. What a surprise!
  • 109) Kamsa had an intolerable army which was 20 akshouhinis in size. It was extremely strong and due to the boon of Shiva it was invincible (by others). He also had a younger brother called Suneetha, who was an asura named Vruka in his previous life.
  • 110) In his previous life, Kamsa had 7 brothers, all of whom had taken birth as his brothers now too. They had joined the army and were inside the stadium. These great sinners saw Lord Krishna and Balarama entering the stadium, and possessed their weapons intending to win the battle against the Lord.
  • 111) On the other hand, Lord Krishna, after the sun rose, joined Balarama and others, and approached the main entrance of the stadium, while being worshiped by devatas, in order to eliminate the asuras. Lord Krishna is the most valorous One. He possessed extreme strength and was capable of doing all things extremely well.
  • 112) Lord Krishna, the best guru of the world, arrived there and saw the powerful elephant, which was protected by the boon of Shiva, standing there. Seeing it at the entrance of the evil Kamsa’s stadium, he addressed the mahout and said “O sinner! vacate this place quickly”
  • 113) Having been condemned in that way by the most-capable Lord Krishna, that mahout, whose ego had bloated due to Shiva’s boon, and who had become incapable of being killed by anyone, directed the elephant and made it rush against Lord vAsudEva, the One with endless greatness!
  • 114) Lord Krishna played around with the elephant for a while; He then held its trunk, pulled it to the ground, stomped on its chest and pulled out both its tusks. He hit the mahout with those tusks; The mahout (too) died.
  • 115) Lord Krishna, having killed that elephant, which was invincible, along with its mahout, placed the tusks on his shoulders. Lord Krishna, the One who has natural and infinite strength and is without any defects, was joined by his elder brother Balarama; Having been decorated with the blood of that elephant, he entered the midst of the stadium.
  • 116) As soon as Lord Krishna, the personification of strength and valor, and the chief Guru of the world entered the stadium, all the knowledgeable ones became filled with joy. At the same time, all the ignoramuses became sad. Just like how lotuses bloom and kumuda flowers wither upon the sun’s rise.
  • 117) When he saw Lord Krishna, One who resides all over this world, entering the stadium, a wrestler by name Chanoora, who had become invincible due to the boon of Shiva, said thus in order to please Kamsa – “O Madhava!”
  • 118) “Brahmins proclaim that King is himself God. One who does that which pleases the King is bound to achieve all. Therefore, for the pleasure of the King, let us both wrestle (with each other). Let the powerful Balarama wrestle with mushTika”
  • 119) When he said, Lord Krishna mockingly said “Let it be so” and got down to fight with him. The Lord of the devatas wrestled with him for one muhurtha and then held His enemy by his legs.
  • 120) Lord Krishna, the One with exceeding amount of strength that none can bear, lifted him though he had a physique that was like the vajra that cannot be pierced. He swung him many hundreds of times in the air, smashed him to the ground and stomped on him. He (chanoora) fell down like a mountain that crumbled.

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