Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 11: Part 5

  • 161 The King of Madra, by name Rutayana, desired to obtain a son like Indra, and also an excellent daughter, and performed a penance to Brahma to achieve this; He obtained the boon also.
  • 162 Due to the boon of Brahma, Sahlada, the brother of Prahlada, a devotee of the Lord, along with the avesha of Vayu was born as the King’s son.
  • 163 Due to the avesha of Vayu, and due to the boon of Brahma, he became excellent in strength on the entire earth itself; He became a Shalya (spear) to all enemies and came to be known by that name itself; The King also obtained a daughter named Madri.
  • 164 She too was a wife of Pandu in their previous lives; She was given to Pandu in marriage; Shalya, who knew all the shastras, started ruling the Kingdom given by his father according to the rules of Dharma.
  • 165 Pandu, having obtained these two gems of women as his wives, enjoyed comforts according to his wish; Relying on Dharma, he went along the path guided by Vidura and ruled the Kingdom while being sub-servient to his older brother.
  • 166 Bhishma placed Dhritharashtra on the throne and made Pandu as the crown-prince; But Dhritharashtra did not rule the Kingdom citing his blindness as the reason; It was Pandu only who ruled.
  • 167 The extraordinary hero Pandu ruled the earth listening to the words of Bhishma and Dhritharashtra; Dhritharashtra and Pandu performed Yajnas with huge amounts of wealth and worshipped the Lord with them.
  • 168 In order to ensure that she should not be present there during the fight between Kauravas and Pandavas, Lord Veda Vyasa, the One with all excellent attributes, took His mother to His ashrama; The two daughters-in-law of Satyavati also followed her.
  • 169 Going along the path laid by her son Lord Vyasa, Satyavati worshipped Lord Hari as her son and as the Parabrahma, and obtained salvation due to the grace of Lord Hari in the form of Vyasa; Her daughters-in-law too obtained excellent worlds.
  • 170 The mother of Vidura, who followed Ambalika, left to the world of Brahma due to the grace of Lord Vyasa and due to the nobility of her son Vidura; In due course of time, she, who had excellent wisdom, obtained salvation.
  • 171 Ambalika too made progress, over time, in her quest for salvation and obtained an excellent result; But Ambika did not obtain such a good result; Jeeva, who is pure knowledge, obtains eventual results in accordance with the service he performs to Lord Vishnu.
  • 172 Later, Pandu once went to the forest after handing over the responsibility of the Kingdom to his older brother and his younger brother; Both his wives also followed him; He stayed in Badari, which was protected by Lord Narayana.
  • 173 Even while being in Gruhasthashrama, he stayed in the forest and enjoyed the luxuries of life; He got together with the best of Sages and specially worshipped the Lord of the Universe, the Lord of Ramaa, with devotion and performed penances as well.
  • 174 Due to the wish of the Lord, he once shot an arrow at a Sage who, by his own will, had taken the form of a deer and was engaged with his partner; He was given a curse saying – “If you come in contact with a woman, you shall die”; He was greatly pained by this.
  • 175 When he desired to become a sanyasi, Kunti respectfully told him – “Don’t do so”; He got together with them just like earlier and stayed on the Shatashrunga mountain, opposite the middle part of Narayana Ashrama.
  • 176 Believing in the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna, Pandu got together with them, and started performing a very tough penance; He started taking bath in the water of the Ganga, which had become pristine due to contact with the feet of Lord Krishna, and purified himself very much.
  • 177 At the same time, Indra and the other devatas, keeping Brahma and Shiva in front, along with Bhudevi who could not tolerate the attacks of the evil-personified Daityas, went to the resort of the Lord Narayana, the Lord of the Lords, the Guru of Brahma, the One whose body is verily the six auspicious attributes, the One who is resting on Sesha in the milky ocean and the One who is the embodiment of matchless joy.
  • 178 Brahma and the other devatas chanted the praise of the Lord, the One with infinite capabilities, the Supreme Personality, with the Purusha Sukta and said thus – “O Lord! the Supreme One! Bhudevi is very pained due to the attack of the great Daityas; The fact that those extreme sinners do not even lift their eyes and see you is the cause of her pain”.
  • 179 “On Lord! the One filled with activity and other attributes! The company of evil is always a burden on the noble people; O Lord! Therefore please listen to our prayers; The Daityas whom you had killed earlier for our sake have all taken birth on the earth now”.
  • 180 Earlier, a battle between the best of the Devatas and the Daityas had taken place; Having the best of elephants, horses, chariots and foot-soldiers, the army of the Devatas was 100 Mahougha Mahougha Akshouhini in size; It had excellent astras in its armoury; The army of the Daityas was more than that by a Mahougha; It had boulders, hills and great astras; It was terrifying.
  • Note: One Mahougha is 10 to the power of 60.
  • 181 Their chariots too were bigger than multiple ‘nalvas’; They possessed excellent bows and arrows as well; Those Devatas and Asuras, who had variety of clothes and jewels, and excellent weapons, rushed towards each other quickly.
  • Note: One Nalva equals 400 arm-length measures.
  • 182 The two armies fought against each other with big boulders, their hands, legs, fists and great weapons; A mahougha rivers of blood flowed; A hundredth of the Asura’s army was destroyed by the all powerful Devatas.
  • 183 Then, having noticed the destruction of his army, an Asura named Shambara, who possessed many illusions due to Shiva’s boon, surged forward causing unbearable illusions to the Devatas.
  • 184 The Devatas were very distraught at the thousands of illusions causing by Shambara; Chandra, Surya and others became very dejected; Seeing them, Devendra, the beholder of the Vajra, employed a Vaishnava illusion known as ‘paramaa’ which was given to him by Brahma.
  • 185 Due to the boon of Lord Vishnu, that illusion, which could destroy all illusions, and which could never be countered, destroyed all the illusions caused by Shambara; Varuna, Agni, Chandra and other Devatas were all freed.
  • 186 The valor of the brave Yama, Chandra, Surya and other Devatas was increased by the act of Devendra and they started killing the Asuras; The beholder of the Vajra, Indra, killed Shambara with the Vajrayudha.
  • 187 When the ruler of the Danavas, Shambara, was thus killed, all the Daityas started running away being scared of Indra; At that time, Viprachitti picked up his bow and stopped them from running away and surged against Indra and the other Devatas.
  • 188 Viprachitti, who had become indefeatable due to the boon of Brahma, brought down many Devatas with his arrows; Indra lost his consciouness; Seeing that, Lord Vayu immediately stopped him with a flood of arrows.
  • 189 Stopping his weapons by his own, Vayu smashed his golden mace against his heart; That extremely strong Viprachitti, having been hit by the strength of Vayu, was crushed and fell down on the Meru mountain.
  • 190 Later, Kalanemi came rushing; Previously, Brahma, by your orders, had given him a boon that he would not be defeatable by anyone; That Asura had a thousand heads and two thousand hands.
  • 191 Seeing him rush towards him, Vayu recalled that he had received a boon from Brahma, as per Your orders only, that he should be killed only by You; You, the One with infinite valor, then appeared in form there.
  • 192 Cutting off his arms and heads, You quickly handed him, the one who was raining weapons from his arms and covering the entire earth with it, the one who had a big body, over to Yama.
  • 193 Those Asuras died that way; You killed three-fourths of them; Vayu killed a fourth of them; Getting together with Dharma and strength, all of them have taken birth on earth now.
  • 194 Having been born in excellent lineages as Kings, they have obtained clean and a dharmic mindset; Having obtained upadesha from excellent brahmins, they have even developed some devotion towards You.
  • 195 A person who has an iota of devotion towards You, and follows the path of truth should never obtain a bad ending; O Lord, the One who always makes the truth! But the Daityas should always obtain Andhatamas, shouldn’t they?
  • 196 With the fear of having to accept Dharma as untrue, and with the fear that good may happen to Daityas, we are pleading with you to mislead them quickly from the path of following the truth and from having devotion towards You.
  • 197 O Lord! A Gandharva by name Ugrasena has taken birth, to serve You, with the same name in the lineage of the Yadus; The Asura Kalanemi has taken birth as his son.
  • 198 That Kalanemi, who was not killed by Vayu even though he was fully capable, due to your grace, of doing so, in order to obtain Your love, has taken birth in the lineage of Bhoja; Due to Shiva’s boon, he has become invincible by others.
  • 199 Due to an illusion, Dramila, who took the form of Ugrasena and is born in the family of Gandharvas, gave birth to Kalanemi in Ugrasena’s wife; His name is Kamsa; Due to the power of boons, he even won the Lord of Shachi (Indra).
  • 200 Having won against Varuna, he has taken away precious gems from him; Having won against the Yakshas of Shiva, who were deputed by Jarasandha to take care of his girls, he has kidnapped those girls forcefully as well.

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