Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 19: Part 2

  • 21) “If the Pandavas are sent far away, the citizens will lose their refuge, become weakened and will then depend upon me for everything. Bhishma and the others too will never oppose them if they are close by. If they are far away, solidarity with them will reduce”.
  • 22) “It is certain that divisions leading to the destruction of our family will arise if they stay here with us. Therefore, it is only appropriate that they are sent away to Varanavata by deploying appropriate means. I have already thought of such a plan”.
  • 23) “Vishnu is established in that city of Varanavata along with Shiva who is in his ‘Jayanta’ form. A grand festival of the Devata is going to take place there. The Pandavas are great devotees of Vishnu, the wielder of the Chakra. If you tell them they will immediately travel to that festival”.
  • 24) “My men, without revealing their loyalty to me, will act as coordinators and explain the festival to them in great terms. In fact, they now already have the desire to see that city which is so full of wonderful things”.
  • 25) When his son said thus, Dhritharashtra agreed to it. When the Pandavas came in front of him, he said the same to them too. They realized the thinking of their father’s elder brother and, out of respect for him and to safeguard statecraft, they got ready to leave (for Varanavata) along with their mother Prithaa.
  • 26) Bhima then said – “If we do this we will have to beg; knowing this correctly we should not give up our Swadharma”. Having said thus to his elder brother, he further said – “Let us not go from this city to that place. Doing thus is our Swadharma”.
  • 27) “If they are going to send us away when we are (only) engaging in Swadharma, let us battle them here itself. It is not Adharma to kill thieves, right?” – when Bhima said thus Yudhishthira replied – “If we oppose our Gurus will it not taint our fame?”
  • 28) When the older brother replied thus, Bhima complied with him. What Bhima stated first is the duty of following Swadharma. What he did now was to follow his elder. It is wrong to keep quiet on matters of Swadharma and it is also inappropriate to violate the words of elders. Therefore, Swadharma must be emphasized but one must not violate the directions of the elders. Such was Bhima’s thinking.
  • 29) Whenever a situation arose that required violation of Swadharma, Bhima could resolve the difficulty by listening to the words of his older brother. It was Sri Hari’s wish that Bhima should not commit either sin and hence Dharmaraja was born as the first son.
  • 30) Whenever Duryodhana and the others deserved death, nothing apart from killing them would be Swadharma. However, if they were killed (early) then all of their defects would not get exposed. Such being the reason, Sri Krishna ensured Dharmaraja was (born as) the first one.
  • 31) After that, Vidura spoke to Yudhisthira using the language of Antyajas and said – “Always be careful of poison and fire”. Yudhisthira understood the message and said yes (agreed to be careful) and left for Varanavata along with his brothers and mother.
  • 32) In order to kill them all, Duryodhana had quickly constructed a wax palace covered with gold and jewels and sent the Pandavas there through the river Ganga. He also sent his minister Purochana along with them.
  • 33) Earlier (in the Ramayana) the one who was Prahasta came to the Pandavas and became their minister. “I have left Duryodhana and come to you” – in this manner he told them a lie.
  • 34) “I have built this magnificent house for you out of love. It was not possible for me to follow that sinner and live. Hence I will be with you, the followers of Dharma, forever” – he said thus. They replied – “Oh! Is it? This is very good”.
  • 35) As soon as he saw the palace, Yudhishthira smelt the fat and realized that it was a wax palace and spoke to Bhima, the son of Vayu, thus – “This one (Purochana) is a great sinner. O handsome Bhima! He desires to kill us. Always remain vigilant”.
  • 36) Vidura, due to the strength of his intellect, and due to information from his informants, got to know about everything and called a tunnel digger and said – “Go and repeat to Yudhisthira all that I had warned him earlier. Also dig a long tunnel over there”.
  • 37) He made an excuse of adding a fortification at the palace and dug the tunnel successfully. He covered the entrance of the tunnel so no one could spot it and returned back. Bhima and Purochana spent half a year, each waiting for an opportunity to kill the other.
  • 38) His (Purochana’s) elder sister and her five sons came over there. Bhima decided that it was the right time and, observing that they were all in deep sleep, sent his brothers and mother through the tunnel ahead of himself.
  • 39) Along with her sons, Bhima burnt down the sister of the sinner, the wax palace and him (Purochana) too. She had come there to poison the Pandavas and kill them. Since Bhima had eaten all the food earlier itself, she had failed (in feeding them poison).
  • 40) Desiring the position of Aditi, she had performed a terrible penance along with her sons. After one year, Shiva had given her a boon – “If you do not die along with your sons, you shall obtain what you desire”.

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