Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 3

  • 41) If we do not do so, (we may become like) Danu, who although had the boon of invincibility, had his face jammed into his stomach when Indra smashed him with the Vajra!
  • 42) “Due to the protection from Krishna, Indra may do similar to us” – deciding thus, all of them sent some Kings to Sri Krishna.
  • 43) If Jarasandha and the others perform the abhisheka, due to the extreme humiliation suffered by them, no one (i.e. no other evil person) will follow them henceforth.
  • 44) In order to survive, they shall resort to Sri Krishna. If this happens, the way of the Devas, devakarya, shall not get done.
  • 45) Thinking thus, Indra sent a message to Jarasandha and the others – “Jarasandha and Rugmi, along with Salva and Shishupala need not participate in the abhisheka to Sri Hari”.
  • 46) Thereafter, as per the orders of Indra, the Kings, apart from Jarasandha and others, started to perform abhisheka (to Sri Krishna) as the King of Kings.
  • 47) At that moment, the Lord of Shachi sent his best throne for Sri Hari. That throne came down from the sky and Sri Keshava sat on it.
  • 48) The Lord of all, Sri Krishna, held the hands of Bhishmaka’s brothers (Kratha and Kaishika) and also Garuda, and made them sit along with him.
  • 49) After that the Kings got together with the best amongst the munis and performed a special abhisheka to Sri Krishna using water from golden kalashas.
  • 50) Brahma, Rudra and all the other devatas profusely praised Sri Keshava at that time. All the deva-gandharvas sang a variety of songs.
  • 51) Then, the Lord said to Bhishmaka – “You desire to perform a Swayamvara for your daughter, isn’t it? It will cause good to you”.
  • 52) “It is Mahalakshmi herself who is born as your daughter. If you do not give her hand to Sri Krishna, who is Narayana himself, then as her father you will lose all your wealth and reach the lowest of the worlds (in the afterlife)”.
  • 53) “I am saying this for your own benefit. Do not perceive it otherwise. I am not saying thus due to lust over your daughter. Take a look at who I am”.
  • 54 – 56) Saying thus, the Lord of all Sri Krishna showed his excellent Vishwaroopa to him. That vision had many heads, shoulders, unlimited radiance, was omnipresent with numerous forms. It bore a pleasing crown, ear-rings, armlets and the best of garlands and anklets. The form of the Lord was in fact adding to the shine of the radiant Kaustubha (which was on him). “See how my consorts are” – saying thus he even showed Mahalakshmi (to Bhishmaka).
  • 57) Mahalakshmi is one with infinite forms. She is the best amongst all (after Sri Hari). Her beauty as Mahalakshmi is even more than that of hers in the human form as Rugmini. Along with her, Sri Krishna showed him the other devatas too.
  • 58) Seeing that extraordinary form, Bhishmaka was very scared. He fell at the feet of the Lord and said – “I shall do as you say”.
  • 59) After that Sri Krishna, the one with lotus eyes, withdrew his Vishwaroopa. Riding on his bird (Garuda), he went back to Madhura, the city which was ruled by him through the strength of his arms.
  • 60) Varuna, the lord of water, and Janaka, the lord of Mithila, had both arranged Swayamvaras. But both of them had done so knowing fully well that their daughters would unite with Sri Hari only.


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