Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 11: Part 1

|| OM namo bhagavate vasudevaya OM ||

  • 1 Pururavas was born from Budha, the son of Chandra; He had a son named Ayu; Ayu’s son was Nahusha; Yayati was born as son to Nahusha; Yayati had two wives and five sons who had special devotion towards the feet of Lord Vishnu.
  • 2 Yadu and Turvasu were born out of Devayani; The daughter of Vrushaparva, Sharmishta, gave birth to Druhya, Anu and Pooru.
  • 3 In the lineage of Yadu, the emperor Kartaveeryaarjuna was born; Due to the grace of the Dattatreya form of Lord Vishnu, he had obtained the capability of Yoga.
  • 4 In his lineage, the Yadus, who had taken shelter under Lord Vishnu, were born; In the lineage of Puru, the emperor and devotee of Lord Vishnu, Bharata, was born.
  • 5 Kuru was born in this Bharata’s lineage; In his line, Prateepa was born; To Prateepa were born three capable sons who were like the three fires.
  • Note: The three fires are Aahavaneeya, Gaarhapatya and Dakshina.
  • 6 Devapi, Bahlika and the best in terms of qualities, Shantanu, were the three sons; Due to a skin disease, Devapi went off to a forest to perform penance.
  • 7 Due to the grace of Lord Vishnu, he will become the King in the next Kruta Yuga; The excellent King Bahlika went off due to the Putrikaputra arrangement and became the King of Bahlika.
  • 8 Bahlika was Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakashipu, the one dear to the Lord, the one with the special presence of Vayu, and the one who was extremely powerful.
  • 9, 10 As soon as he was born, the earth split sharply; He was born as the son of Prateepa and the King of Bahlika in order to serve Lord Vishnu by participating in the reduction of the load on the earth (elimination of all evil); Patratapa, who was one of the Rudras, was born as his son Somadatta.
  • 11, 12, 13 Three of the Rudras, namely Ajaikapath, Ahirbudhni and Virupaksha, were born as Somdatta’s three sons Bhuri, Bhurishravas and Shala; They were very famous and were born for the service of Lord Vishnu; Because of the presence of Shiva and all the other Rudras, and due to Shiva’s boon, Bhurishravas, among the three, was the most powerful and best archer; Somadatta had performed a penance to Shiva with that same request.
  • 14, 15 “One who shall defeat all your enemies; One who is full of valor, strength and other qualities; One who will perform the Yajnas and have my presence in him – such a son, named Bhurishravas, will be born to you” – saying thus, Shiva had granted him a boon. Because of this, Somadatta had a very powerful son named Bhurishravas.
  • 16 Once upon a time, the lotus-born Brahma had gone to the eastern coast; Then, the ocean, who was joined by the river Ganga, increased his tides and sprayed a drop of water on Brahma; Brahma then cursed him.
  • 17 “You shall be born as a King named Mahabhishak and later as Shantanu; This Ganga shall be your wife in that birth as well”.
  • 18 “Since you became ‘shaanta’ after I asked you to calm down, you shall be known as Shantanu”; After he was told thus, Varuna became the King Mahabhishak and was always resorting to the feet of Lord Hari.
  • 19 In that birth, he ruled the earth for a long time and then gave up his body and reached the assembly of Brahma; There, when the Devatas had gathered together once, he saw his wife Ganga when her cloth had slipped off.
  • 20 All the Devatas sat with their heads down; But he kept looking at Ganga; Brahma then told him thus – “Just like I had cursed you earlier, you shall immediately be born on earth again”.
  • 21 When he was told thus, he immediately was born as King Shantanu to Prateepa; He had Ganga as his wife and enjoyed life for many years.
  • 22 The eighth Vasu had a name called “Dyu” as well; He had a wife named Varangi; She had a friend with the same name; She was the wife of a King called Suvinda.
  • 23 In order to rid her friend of old age and death, Varangi coaxed her husband to catch Nandini, a cow belonging to Sage Vashishta, which used to give excellent Amruta nectar.
  • 24 Being influenced by her, the Dyu named Vasu got together with his 7 brothers and tied that cow; The lotus-born lord Brahma, who was present inside of Sage Vashista, cursed them.
  • 25 “All of you who ventured into Adharma shall be born in the womb of humans; He, for whose sake all of you left the path of Dharma, shall have the lifetime of all eight of you; The others shall obtain liberation quickly”.
  • 26 “Varangi, who engaged her husband in the wrong path, shall be born as Amba amongst humans; She shall not have a husband and shall resort to acquiring masculinity to become a reason for her husband’s death”.
  • 27 “Let him go through strict celibacy; Let there be enmity between the two of them; Let him sleep on a bed of arrows and undergo the pain of 8 stays in the womb”.
  • 28 “Let him undergo the pain of 8 deaths by being cut through by weapons”; Once they were told thus, the Vasus realized that it was Brahma who cursed them and released the cow and bowed to him.
  • 29 “Let us not experience getting into the womb of a human; Let him (Dyu) become a knowledgeable person by having your presence in him; Let him become very well known and great warrior; Let him have all our strength”.
  • 30 When they prayed thus, Brahma, who was inside of Sage Vashishta, said “So be it”; Then, they approached Ganga and requested her thus – “We shall be born in your womb; Please then kill us immediately”.
  • 31 Ganga, when requested thus, immediately asked them boons to ensure she did not collect any sin from it and to remain dear to them and also to have one son who will have a long life; Later, she had them as sons through Shantanu.
  • 32 In order to ensure that they were killed without any hindrances, Ganga approached Prateepa first and acted as if she liked him and sat on his right thigh; Even though she did not have any desire to marry him, she did so to ensure she married his son Shantanu.
  • 33 “Since you sat on my right thigh, you become a wife to my son; The right thigh is for the daughter and daughter-in-law; The left thigh is famous as the one for the wife” – Prateepa told thus to her.
  • 34 Ganga then told him – “Your son should not question me as to who I am; Even if I perform certain actions which are not appropriate, he should not stop me; He should neither ask me the reason behind those actions”.
  • 35 “Even if one of the three is done, I shall desert your son and leave” – When Ganga said so, the King said – “So be it”.
  • 36 In that way, he narrated the words of the divine river Ganga to his younger son Shantanu; Because Ganga had told him – “I shall take your third son as my husband, and not any of your other sons”.
  • 37 After that, Ganga had eight sons from Shantanu and killed the first seven of them; Having decided to leave from there, she acted as if she was about to kill the eighth son.
  • 38 Devatas do not obtain joy staying along with humans; Therefore, Ganga had decided to leave from there; She did not have the body of a human; But Shantanu’s body was born out of humans only.
  • 39 Shantanu stopped her as she was about to kill his son – “Who are you? For what reason are you killing our sons like a Rakshasi?”.
  • 40 “You have the form of a divine Devata lady; Therefore this work of yours cannot be sinful; There must be a big reason in this”.

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