Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 20: Part 2

  • 41) Sri Krishna proved to Balarama that he was not a cheat. Knowing that Balarama, Ugrasena and Jambavati, the mother of Samba, were desirous of the jewel, he spoke again.
  • 42) “It is not appropriate for others to possess this jewel. Since Akrura always performs yajnas, and since he is always engaged in daana, let it remain with him”. Even though he knew Satyabhama would not desire anything that he doesn’t want, he said – “This is fit for her only!”.
  • 43) Having obtained the jewel, Akrura was greatly enthused and he engaged himself in the performance of yajnas. After having shown Balarama the jewel, Sri Krishna left for Indraprastha out of great love for the Pandavas.
  • 44) Sri Krishna stayed at Indraprastha for many months. Once, when he and Arjuna had gone for hunting, he killed many deer and later approached the banks of river Yamuna. There, he saw another lady known as Kalindi, who was the sister of Yamuna.
  • 45) Kalindi was the daughter of Surya and the sister of Yamuna. Out of great desire to obtain Sri Krishna, she had performed a lot of penance. When Arjuna asked her, she narrated everything. Sri Krishna then accepted her as his wife.
  • 46) Sri Krishna later went to a King known as Nagnajit and, in a Swayamvara, brought under control seven oxen. The oxen were asuric in nature and could not be controlled by others due to Shiva’s boon. All the other Kings had been defeated by them.
  • 47) After that Sri Krishna married his daughter Neela. Earlier she had been a gopakanya. She had entered the body of Neela too. The same person had been born as two Avataras.
  • 48) Mitravinda was Sri Krishna’s paternal aunt’s daughter. In the midst of several Kings, she garlanded Sri Krishna. Her brothers Vinda and Anuvinda wanted to marry her off to Duryodhana and hence caused obstacles (to her marriage with Sri Krishna).
  • 49) Sri Krishna defeated those two princes of Avanti country, as also several other Kings and left from there along with her (Neela). Another of Sri Krishna’s paternal aunt’s daughter was Bhadraa. Her brothers gave her in marriage to Sri Krishna, and he accepted her.
  • 50) The Kekaya brothers who gave the hand of their sister Bhadraa to Sri Krishna were the Avataras of Vishwedevatas. They were devotees of Sri Hari as also of the Pandavas. Their father King Shaibya would always listen to their counsel. He was the Avatara of a Rubhu Devata.
  • 51) The Swayamvara of Lakshanaa Devi took place in the Madra country. In that, the goal was to hit an instrument just like in Draupadi’s Swayamvara. Her father had pleaded with Shiva and brought the Pinaka bow for this purpose.
  • 52) In this case, the target was covered from all directions with an opening only at the top. The target had to be hit with just a piece of an arrow. Therefore, this target much more impossible than the one set for winning Draupadi.
  • 53) Jarasandha and the others had arrived there. The Pandavas had come there to watch the event. Karna too had come there along with Duryodhana and the others. They were all keen to tie the bow.
  • 54) Some of them got hit by the bow and fell, while others couldn’t even tie the bow. Duryodhana, Jarasandha and Karna strung the bow but could not identify the target.
  • 55) Arjuna, in order to show his strength, strung the bow and also identified the target. But, he deliberately mishit the target. He knew that Lakshanaa had to be won by Sri Krishna only.
  • 56) Bhimasena did not desire neither to see the arrow nor to aim at the target. Being the noble one that he was, he was fully aware that even attempting something that was meant only for Sri Hari, the bearer of the Chakra, would render him at fault.
  • 57) Sri Krishna, the one whose greatness is unfathomable, quickly strung the bow and hit the target with a small arrow. The divine instruments started blowing. The Devatas showered flowers on him.
  • 58) Even as Brahma and the others were singing praises of Sri Krishna, the princes Lakshanaa put the garland on his shoulders and stood next to him. The Kings present there picked up weapons and went to battle with Sri Krishna.
  • 59) Sri Krishna defeated Jarasandha and the others and returned to Dwaraka along with Bhima and Arjuna. These are the ashta-mahaa-mahishis of Sri Krishna, the eight divine beauties of the world who were very dear to Sri Krishna.
    • Note: Rugmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Neela, Mitravindaa, Bhadraa and Lakshanaa were the eight main consorts of Sri Krishna.
  • 60) Rugmini and Satyabhama were the Avataras of Mahalakshmi, who is the presiding deity of Prakruti, and had taken two forms. The others had the permanent Avesha of Mahalakshmi. Amongst them (the latter six), Jambavati was the main one.
  • 61) Jambavati was equal to Balarama when it came to the affection of Sri Krishna. The others were a little lower. However, when the Avesha of Ramaa was more in them, Sri Krishna showered them with special affection.
  • 62) When the Avesha of Ramaa was lesser in them, all of them were still twenty times higher than Kaama. Since eternity they have never attained anyone else but Sri Krishna. He enjoyed with them while staying at Dwaravati (Dwaraka).
  • 63) In this way when Sri Krishna was staying at Dwaraka, all the Kings came over to Raivata mountain once. Duryodhana and his associates, Pandavas and Kings of various countries came there too.
  • 64) Since all of them had come there (Raivata) to see him, Sri Krishna appeared there. He was with Rugmini, and was seated in a divine throne. All the Kings offered their respects to him.
  • 65) Then, Sage Narada appeared from the sky and told Sri Krishna – “You are the Supreme One; There is none else like you”. He stated this by uttering the words “Ashcharya” and “Dhanya”. Sri Krishna replied to him.
    • Note: Sage Narada said – “tvaM AscharyaH dhayaH…” to Sri Krishna
  • 66) “Along with Dakshina” – said he. The Kings present there asked him – “What is this?”. Sri Krishna said to Sage Narada – “Explain it to them”. Sage Narada said – “Listen” and started explaining.
  • 67) “I once saw a tortoise in river Ganga. I told it that it was the best. The tortoise said Ganga was superior to it. Ganga in turn said Varuna was better. Varuna said Uma Devi, who is also known as Prithvi, is better than him”.
  • 68) “Since she bears (takes care of) all Devatas like me, Uma Devi is known as Prithvi. She said Shiva, Shesha and Garuda were better than her. Since they protect others, they are known as Parvata”.
  • 69) “I am because of them. Sauparni and Varuni Devis, who are equal to me, are ruled by them” – said Uma. “Later when I went to them, they said Brahma was superior to them. Brahma said Mahalakshmi, the presiding deity of the Vedas and wife of Sri Vishnu, was better than him”.
  • 70) “At that moment, Mahalakshmi, the presiding deity of the Vedas spoke as she has several forms. She said that her ‘Yajna’ form was superior as she joins Sri Vishnu in that form while he is known as ‘jna’. In that form, she is the presiding deity for all rituals related to yajnas. Since he enters them, he (Narayana) is also known as ‘Yajna'”.
  • 71) “Rama Devi, who is also known as Yajna, and who is encompassed by Sri Vishnu and is seated on his lap, said that Sri Hari, who is the cause of the appearance of Brahma, Rudra and all others, is the most superior amongst all. There is none even equal to him. So who can be greater than him? She told me – O Sage! This is true and nothing is untrue here”.
  • 72-75) “Having been taught thus, I realized that there is no difference in the Avataras of Sri Vishnu and came here to Sri Krishna, the best amongst the Yadavas, and told him that he was the Supreme Being. He said thus to me – ‘I am not just superior to Mahalakshmi who is seated on my left thigh. She stays on the left side of me bearing the name Dakshinaa. Since I am seated to her right, she is known as Dakshinaa. She is the presiding deity of Dakshina (the monetary remuneration offered in Yajnas). She bears numerous forms. She resides in the left half of my body. Since half my body is mingled with her, I am known as Ardha-Narayana. Even then, I am superior to her. There is none else who is as complete as me, nor is superior to me’. He conveyed all this by uttering the words – ‘dakshiNAbhiH saha’. When he spoke, he conveyed the truth that he was superior even to Mahalakshmi, the presiding deity of Dakshina”.
  • 76) “Sri Krishna said – ‘O Narada! I am always superior compared to Dakshinaa and all her other forms, and compared to the entire Universe. She does not possess even one fraction of my infinite capabilities'”.
  • 77) “This is what the incomparable Sri Krishna just said. The Dakshinaa form of Mahalakshmi is always superior to everything else. Rugmini is that very Dakshinaa form (of Lakshmi). O Kings! Know that Sri Keshava is the one who is superior to her”.
  • 78) “All of you are witness to Sri Krishna’s ability. When Kunti requested him to battle, he showed her ability. In one moment, he rendered Pandavas, Kauravas, Bhishma, Drona, Ashwathama, Krupa and Karna, all warriors who are the best in the world and who cannot be defeated even by the Devatas, completely weapon-less”.
    • Note: The meaning of this shloka is that Kunti had once requested Sri Krishna to show everyone his strength. He obliged and, in one instance, rendered all the great warriors weapon-less.
  • 79) Bhima had a vrata that he would never oppose Sri Krishna. So, as per his orders, Bhima bowed to Sri Krishna’s chariot and held its wheel. Sri Krishna freed it (the wheel) and went away from there.
    • Note: In this contest, the defeat of Bhima was symbolic as he was very dear to Sri Krishna, and a great devotee. So he was made to hold Sri Krishna’s chariot-wheel which the Lord then freed.
  • 80) In this way, all of them engaged in playful competition and, even after trying as per their strengths, they were defeated by Sri Krishna and bowed to him. Kunti too was surprised and paid her respects.

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