Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 19: Part 3

  • 41) Bhimasena, knowing all of this completely, killed that evil-minded woman along with her sons and Purochana. Carrying his brothers and mother on him, he left through that tunnel. Due to fear, they (the rest of the Pandavas) had become weak.
  • 42) All the other Pandavas, apart from Bhima, were scared of the thought of the Kauravas fighting with Bhishma and the others after knowing about the killing of Purochana. They were worried about what would happen to themselves (under such a scenario).
  • 43) Bhima, although fearless, did not wish to fight a war with the Gurus and elders directly through his own initiation. Along with his he had the directions of Yudhishthira as well and hence he carried them and crossed the Ganga from where they traveled through the waters using the boat arranged by Vidura.
  • 44) They listened to the words spoken by the boatmen which were verily the words of Vidura spoken earlier. Reassured by this they crossed the river and left for the forest on the back of Bhimasena. Later when the Sun rose, the dwellers of the city (of Varanavata) saw the dead bodies of the seven and they wailed a lot.
  • 45) “Fie! The evil minded Duryodhana has gotten the Pandavas burnt in this way through Purochana. Due to divine will, that most evil Purochana also has been burnt. How can one who cheats noble people live happily?”.
  • 46) Hearing the news from the citizens, Bhishma and the others exclaimed in sorrow and mourned a lot. Duryodhana and the others and Vidura cried (artificially). Their last rites were performed.
  • 47) On the other side, Bhima reached the forest of Hidimba even as he carried Kunti and his brothers. When they asked for water due to thirst, he brought water for them with his upper garment covered with lotus leaves. When he came back he saw all of them deep in sleep.
  • 48) When Bhima stayed awake for protecting them, the Rakshasa Hidimba sent his sister Hidimbi over there. She saw Bhimasena, who was handsome and possessed the essence of all auspicious attributes.
  • 49) She was an Apsara woman called Sri who was the presiding deity for wealth in Indra loka. She was another of Indra’s wives. She had once competed with Shachi and was cursed to be born as a Rakshasi due to the same. She wanted to marry Bhima and then obtain her original form. She therefore requested Bhima.
  • 50) Bhima addressed the beautiful bodied lady thus – “I cannot marry any woman before my older brother’s marriage. Doing so is absolutely not Dharma”. Still, she repeatedly requested him, being troubled by lust. The reason for her behavior was the Avesha of Bharati Devi, the consort of Sri Vayu, in her.
  • 51) Being very pleased with her extreme penance, Bharati Devi had granted her own Avesha, union with her husband and release from her curse. Due to such a boon, she (Hidimbi) asked for Bhima, who was inherently Sri Vayu.
  • 52) In order to reveal her natural divine knowledge, Hidimbi spoke again – “Sri Vyasa, the Guru of the entire world and the personification of Narayana himself, shall arrive here the day after tomorrow and hand me over to you. Then, you shall satisfy my wish”.
  • 53) At the same time, Hidimba rushed there to kill Bhima and his own sister. He had sent her there to catch them for his meals. He rushed towards Bhima.
  • 54) Hidimbi took refuge in Bhima. Bhima, in order to protect her, his own brothers and his mother, went after Hidimba. Fearing that his brothers’ sleep may be disturbed, he dragged Hidimba a long distance away and fought with him.
  • 55) The two of them fought each other using trees, stones and big boulders, causing a lot of noise which woke them all. Seeing the apprehension in his brothers, Bhimasena immediately smashed the chest of the Rakshasa.
  • 56) Due to the strength of the shoulders of Bhima, Hidimba fell down on the ground though he had Shiva’s boon and was therefore invincible. He bled profusely from his mouth and died. In due time, he attained the eternal Andhantamas.
  • 57) Having killed the Rakshasa who was protected by Shiva’s boon and who was invincible by others, Bhima got ready to leave along with his mother and brothers. Hidimbi too followed them. She requested Kunti and Yudhishthira to convince Bhima.
  • 58) When Bhima refused to agree to their words in spite of being repeatedly convinced, Sri Vyasa, the one who is complete with all auspicious attributes, the one who is the ocean of infinite bliss, the one who is omnipresent with his rays of knowledge and the one who is supreme, appeared there.
  • 59) As soon as they saw Sri Vyasa, the Guru of even Brahma, the Pandavas were greatly joyed. Together with their mother, they worshipped him in various ways. Sri Vyasa caused them great joy with his wide and lotus-like eyes filled with love. He sat down there.
  • 60) The Pandavas bowed down with devotion. Hidimbi too bowed to him. Seeing them with affection, Sri Vyasa told Bhima – “You shall marry this young one who is the jewel of the Deva lokas. Once you have a son, she may leave with him”.

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