Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 21: Part 1

  • 1) As per the orders of Sri Krishna, Maya constructed an excellent palace full of surprises and handed it over to Yudhisthira. He also presented a mace to Bhima.
  • 2) That mace belonged to Sri Vayu. King Mandhata had obtained it due to the grace of Sri Vayu. Bhima was very pleased to possess it.
  • 3) Having stayed there for two more years, Sri Krishna left for Dwaraka. Unable to bear his separation, the Pandavas worshipped him a lot and bid farewell.
  • 4) Later, Sri Krishna, even as he was staying in Dwaraka, left along with his wife, children and relatives to Syamanta Panchaka on the occasion of a solar eclipse.
  • 5) The Pandavas, along with their wives and children and their mother left for the same place. Similarly, all those Kings who were dear to Sri Hari, those whom he disliked and those about whom he was indifferent, turned up there.
  • 6) Similarly, Nandagopa left for that place along with his wife and all the Gopas and Gopis. The best amongst the Sages and all other citizens too went there.
  • 7) All those who were dear to Sri Hari saw him in his three forms as Sri Vedavyasa, Sri Yadava Krishna and Sri Parashurama and worshipped him.
  • 8) All of them took bath in those Tirthas built by Sri Parashurama during the solar eclipse and felt blessed having the darshana of Sri Hari.
  • 9) Sri Hari blessed all of them in his three forms. He got Vasudeva (his father) to perform numerous Yajnas, complete with the offering of Dakshinas.
  • 10) By granting darshana in that way to all the people of the world who had devotion in him, Sri Krishna showered his special blessings on that auspicious occasion.
  • 11) Sri Krishna later got together with the Pandavas and went back to Dwaraka. There, he performed a Maha-Ashwamedha Yajna which was conducted in (just) one day.
  • 12) Sitting in the chariot of Sri Hari, the sons of Sri Krishna, along with Bhima and Arjuna, took the horse around the entire world in just one-quarter of a day.
  • 13) Jarasandha and all the other Kings were defeated instantly by Bhima and others. The divine horse returned.
  • 14) That horse, which was created by Sri Krishna, was capable of travelling a lakh yojanas in just one day, to facilitate the completion of the Ashwamedha.
  • 15) Sri Hari in the form of Sri Vyasa gave deeksha of that yajna to Sri Hari who was in the form of Sri Krishna. At that time, a Brahmana came there holding a blade of grass and started weeping.
  • 16) “All my children are vanishing the moment they are born” – when he said thus Arjuna replied – “I shall protect your children”.
  • 17) “Sri Krishna, Balarama and Pradyumna haven’t protected my children. Where do you have the capability for this?” – thus said the Brahmana to Arjuna.
  • 18) At that moment, due to the corruption of his mind as a result of Asura Avesha , Arjuna said – “I am not like how Krishna and the others are”.
  • 19) “I have won the Devatas in the Khandava forest. Soon, I shall be winning against the Nivatakavacha Asuras”.
  • 20) Having spoken thus he told Sri Krishna – “Look here I am leaving”. Sri Krishna asked him – “Will this be possible for you?”
  • 21) Noticing that Arjuna had lost his sense of modesty, Sri Krishna, the destroyer of enemies, said – “Proceed”. Arjuna then took a vow on what he would do if he failed to protect the Brahmana’s child.
  • 22) “If I fail I shall enter the fire” – declaring thus he left with all the Yadavas. Sri Krishna did not deploy Balarama, Pradyumna and Aniruddha for this task, in order to protect their fame.
  • 23-24) Balarama was most dear to Sri Krishna. After that Pradyumna was very dear to him. Aniruddha came next. He was born to Pradyumna and Rugmavati, the daughter of Rugma who was kidnapped in a Swayamvara. Rugmavati too was the Avatara of Rati. Aniruddha, the son of Kama, was born to her.
  • 25) Earlier too (in the previous life) he was known as Aniruddha and had the Avesha of the Aniruddha form of Sri Vishnu. He was strong, handsome and knew all the Shastras.
  • 26-27) Therefore, Sri Krishna appointed the rest for help apart from these three. At the time when the Brahmana’s wife delivered a baby, Arjuna created a blockade with arrows. Still, the baby disappeared the moment it was born. The Brahmana, being very disappointed, chastised Arjuna. Along with the Yadavas, Arjuna came to where Sri Krishna, the Lord of Lakshmi, was.
  • 28) Even as Arjuna was about to enter a pyre, Sri Krishna stopped him and climbed a big chariot along with him and the Brahmana. Crossing the seven seas, he proceeded in the northern direction.
  • 29) Mountains and oceans gave way. Sri Krishna, the one with infinite valour, tore apart the eternal darkness, Andhantamas, with his Chakra, crossed the Ghanodaka, and saw his divine abode.
  • 30) Sri Krishna made the Brahmana and Arjuna stay back in the chariot at a distance and entered his moola roopa, a form that has eight arms, that is decorated with precious stones and is radiant, and which is known as the ocean of excellent attributes.
  • 31) That form was seated on the body of Sesha, who had a thousand hoods. It had the radiance of a thousand Suns and had worn clothes that were shining like lightning. It was along with Lakshmi and was being worshipped always by the released Brahma and others.
    • Note: That was the place where only released (Mukta) souls had access. Hence the Brahma and Devatas from the previous kalpas were found worshipping Sri Vishnu over there.
  • 32) Sri Krishna, the Lord of all, spent a muhurtha there in a single form and then came out with the sons of the Brahmana. Those sons were all the Avataras of Sunanda, Nanda and the other attendants of Sri Vishnu, and had taken birth on Earth.
  • 33) Sri Krishna had brought the sons over there only to destroy the ego of Arjuna. Since he had extreme affection for Arjuna, he taught him a lesson in this way.
  • 34) Coming out of that loka, that had the radiance of a lakh Suns and was beyond the realm of Prakriti, Sri Krishna climbed his chariot along with Arjuna and Brahmana and his sons. He handed over the children to the Brahmana.
  • 35) Having performed the whole task in one and a half muhurthas, Sri Krishna performed the necessary prayaschitta for having gone away from the yajna. He then completed the sacrifice.
  • 36) He gave respects to Brahma and the others who had arrived there, although they were his eternal attendants. He gave farewell to them and also served the Brahmanas.
  • 37) Sri Krishna performed the avabhrutha snana along with his wives and relatives. On the way back after finishing the ceremonial bath, Dantavakra came in his way.
  • 38) Sri Krishna immediately killed Dantavakra and Virudaratha with his mace. He sent Virudaratha to Tamas. The Asura who was inside Dantavakra also went to Tamas. The attendant of Sri Vishnu who was inside him entered Vishnu and stayed there.
    • Note: Virudaratha was Dantavakra’s brother. Dantavakra had two souls inside him. One was an attendant of Sri Vishnu while the other was a Daitya named Hiranyaksha.
  • 39) Once Sri Krishna leaves for his eternal abode, he would come out and unite with his original form which was that of a door-keeper.
  • 40) After that, Sri Krishna returned to Dwaraka. Arjuna asked him – “What was that which I saw?”. The lord of Ramaa revealed everything to him.


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