Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 19: Part 8

  • 141) “I have nothing to gain by fighting with excellent Brahmanas” – saying thus Karna left for Hastinapura along with Duryodhana and the others. Taking along Draupadi, Bhima left along with Arjuna.
  • 142) Prior to this, Yudhishthira had left for the house of a potter along with Nakula-Sahadeva. Bhima and Arjuna left behind them. When they said “Bhiksha” she replied asking them all to have it. After that she saw the bride.
  • 143) Normally, Kunti would never speak inappropriately even by mistake. So they all got worried as to how such a thing happened. By then Sri Krishna, who was Vasudeva, arrived there with great affection and friendship.
  • 144) After conversing with them in the most cordial manner, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, the one with unlimited natural strength, returned to Dwaraka along with the Yadavas. Drupada sent his son Dhrishtadyumna at night in order to gather information on who they were. He watched them even as he hid himself out of sight.
  • 145) Seeing all of them eating food gathered through bhiksha, and noticing that his sister was very comfortable there, and hearing their baritone voices discussing the news of the battle, the brave Dhrishtadyumna concluded that they were excellent Kshatriyas.
  • 146) In the morning, as per his father’s words (Drupada’s) a purohita came to them. Bhimasena, the most knowledgeable one, treated him excellently as per the shastras. Taking them and their mother along with him, the purohita made them enter the palace.
  • 147) After taking good care of them and his daughter, Drupada showed four houses which were full of household and other items fit for Brahmanas and the other varnas. They entered the house which was full of weapons and other paraphernalia.
  • 148) Noticing that their behavior, voice, appearance, capabilities, valour and courage were all compatible with Kshatriyas, Drupada concluded that they were princes. He approached Dharmaraja and asked him – “O best amongst men! Who are you? Tell me the truth”.
  • 149) Dharmaraja smiled and replied – “Why is that relevant now? Earlier no qualifications with regard to varna were imposed, right? Your son had explained only the rules of the target with regard to your daughter. My brother achieved the same”.
  • 150) When he said thus, Drupada repeatedly requested him and Kunti to reveal the truth. Kunti and he (Dharmaraja) then told him everything. Drupada was greatly pleased and said – “I feel a great sense of accomplishment”.
  • 151) “I have tried all this for Arjuna. So either Arjuna, you or the others should hold the hand of my daughter” – when he said thus Yudhishthira replied – “I have decided in my mind that all of us would accept her hand”.
  • 152) “In this matter, I do not have any evidences from the Shastras in my mind. However, my intellect is always rooted in Dharma. That is the basis for this” – even when Dharmaraja said thus, Drupada along with his son Dhrishtadyumna did not agree to it. Sri Vyasa, who is Bhagavan himself, arrived there.
  • 153) All of them paid their respects to Sri Vyasa, the one who is Bhagavan himself an the one who possesses infinite, complete and unchangeable inherent auspicious attributes. After he sat down on an excellent seat, all the others took his permission and sat down with him.
  • 154) Sri Vyasa said to Drupada – “You give your daughter’s hand to them. They are verily Yama, Vayu, Indra and Ashwini Devatas themselves. They have occupied the position of Indra before and after Sri Hari and also currently”.
    • Note: Indra is a position and not the name of a person. The Jeevas who are currently Yama, Vayu and Ashwini Devatas have earlier occupied the position of Indra. Arjuna is anyway the current Indra.
  • 155) “Their wives have got together and have been born as your daughter. Therefore there is nothing wrong with it”. Even when he said thus, Drupada did not make up his mind. Sri Vyasa then spoke again.
  • 156) “I shall grant you divine vision now. See for yourself how your daughter is staying separately with the Devatas who are Pandavas in the Devaloka. After that, do as you please”.
  • 157) As soon as Sri Vyasa said thus, King Drupada saw them through his grace. Like he said, he saw them in the Devaloka too. Fearing that he had greatly disrespected him, he took refuge at the feet of the Lord of the Universe.
  • 158) Sri Vyasa, the Bhagavan, granted him assurance and, once Drupada gave consent, personally conducted all the marriage rituals along with Sage Dhaumya. All the Pandavas accepted her hand one by one.
  • 159) There was a big celebration in Panchala country. Drupada felt great joy along with his children, relatives, city-dwellers and other citizens, just as King Janaka had enjoyed when he gave his daughter to Sri Rama.
  • 160) When they got married thus and were staying there (in Panchala), Sri Krishna, along with Balarama and the Yadavas came there out of joy, bringing along numerous gifts, to see them and Kunti.
  • 161) As soon as they saw Sri Krishna, the Pandavas were exhilarated. They hugged him and paid their respects. Sri Krishna saw Draupadi and gifted her all the utensils needed for the house. He gave all of them excellent jewellery.
  • 162) He gave all six of them excellent gifts including jewellery that would suit the bodies of Devatas, such as ear-rings, garlands, crowns, armlets, clothes and other jewels. After that, he gave gifts to his maternal aunt Kunti, that was suitable for her (personality).
  • 163) Sri Krishna gifted them many types of precious jewels, cows, elephants, horses, chariots and golden bricks. Sri Vyasa too showered them with excellent blessings. Drupada gifted them ornaments, chariots, horses, elephants, stones and golden jewellery.
  • 164) Sri Krishna and Drupada gifted them thousands of well dressed and good looking dasis and dasas. They gave them too (to the servants i.e.) many different types of clothes, ornaments and jewels.
  • 165) Sri Krishna spent many months with them pleasantly and returned to Dwaraka along with his older brother. Sri Vyasa, the Bhagavan and the one with great capabilities, also disappeared from there. In this way, the Pandavas spent a year (at Panchala).
  • 166) The Kauravas, along with Shakuni, Karna, the King of Sindhu (Jayadratha), Bhurishravas and others, along with a huge retinue of chariots, elephants and foot-soldiers, came from their country and attacked, wanting to kill King Drupada.
  • 167) Seeing them destroy his city, Drupada, the King of the Somakas, came out with his sons and soldiers. A great battle took place between them. Two of his sons died and both armies suffered losses.
  • 168) In that battle, when Chitraketu and Chitra died, even the best of Drupada’s soldiers started fleeing. At that time, the Pandavas, picked up their bows and arrows, climbed their chariots and faced the Kauravas and Karna.
  • 169) When the five of them were fighting thus, Bhurishravas and Karna got together and destroyed the chariot of Arjuna. At that very moment, Bhima plucked a mountain like tree with his bare hands.
  • 170) As soon as they saw Bhima rushing towards them with a tree, Duryodhana, along with Bhurishravas, Shakuni, Bhuri, Jayadratha and the others and also Karna fled from there. They in fact returned to their city.
  • 171) Knowing all that happened, Vidura told his older brother Dhritharashtra – “O King! Your sons are shining victoriously”. Dhritharashtra thought that his son Duryodhana had obtained Draupadi and gave him excellent ornaments and clothes.
  • 172) Immediately Vidura said – “It was the Pandavas”. Dhritharashtra then, in order to hide the true feelings in his heart, said – “In that case I am even happier. Did they not die along with Kunti? Tell me all of their deeds”.
  • 173) When he asked thus, Vidura narrated all the events starting with killing of Hidimba and the breaking of the fish-target by the Pandavas. He described the wedding too. Listening to all of it, Bhishma and the others became extremely thrilled. In this way, the Pandavas spent one year in the city of Drupada.
  • 174) Getting to know that Sri Krishna had visited the Pandavas and that he gave them lots of jewels before leaving, Duryodhana and the others were deeply antagonized in their hearts and they held a discussion. Keeping Karna in front, they prepared for war.
  • 175) When they got ready for battle again that way with their chariot, Vidura told his brother and Bhishma and the others – “These evil minded ones will go to battle with the Pandavas and die. There is no doubt”.
  • 176-177) “Even the best amongst the Devatas do not have the ability to face Bhima and Arjuna. They have now grown a lot. Even after knowing (about them being alive), it is a big Adharma to have neglected them for over a year. Stop this. Make arrangements to bring them. O King! Bring them here with good words and give them half the Kingdom. By doing so, you shall facilitate the progress of your lineage. You shall garner punya too. Otherwise, you will destroy both these”.
  • 178) As soon as Vidura said thus, Bhishma, Drona and Krupa too said that it (Vidura’s words) was right. Dhritharashtra then said to Vidura – “You go and bring them yourself”. Immediately, Vidura set off on a speedy chariot. All of them (the Pandavas) offered him great respects.
  • 179) At the same time, Sri Krishna, the son of Vasudeva and the one with inexhaustible strength, and Sri Vyasa too came to the Pandavas. The two of them, along with Kunti and Vidura, brought the Pandavas to Hastinapura, along with Draupadi.
  • 180) As soon as they arrived, the citizens and people of the Kuru country were greatly joyed. Bhishma and the others too felt elated. They joined Dhritharashtra and welcomed the Pandavas, accompanied with great celebration, and brought them inside the palace.


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