Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 8

  • 141) Having decided thus, the group of Kings got together with Bhishmaka and started preparations for handing over Rugmini (to Shishupala).
  • 142) Rugmini, who was the best amongst all women in the Universe, sent an excellent Brahmana to Sri Krishna (as a messenger).
    • Note: The Vijayadhwajeeya Paatha of Srimadbhagavata records that Rugmini sent a letter through that Brahmana.
  • 143) Listening to his words, Sri Krishna immediately left for Vidarbha. Balarama followed him along with all the Yadavas.
  • 144) After getting to know the impending arrival of Sri Keshava, the group of Kings got ready with their bows to protect the Kanya.
  • 145) Rugmini made up the excuse of visiting the temple of the Kuladevata Durga outside the city before Kanyadaana. Even as all the Kings were seeing, Sri Krishna made Rugmini sit in his chariot.
  • 146) Jarasandha and the others opposed Sri Krishna with great anger, using their excellent arrows. Sri Krishna rendered all of them weaponless and quietly left the place.
  • 147) When the Kings got ready once again to attack Sri Krishna with their bows, Balarama, the best amongst the powerful, forcefully obstructed them.
  • 148) At that time, the Shuklakesha form of Sri Hari took Avesha in Balarama in order for him to win over Jarasandha.
  • 149) In the battle, Jarasandha was badly beaten with the mace (of Balarama) and he wriggled on the ground. Having won against him, Balarama left for Dwaraka-puri.
  • 150) Still wearing the dress of a groom, the King of Chedi (Shishupala) came there to battle. Satyaki, roaring like a lion, rushed against him.
  • 151) Fighting against each other for a long time, all the while showering excellent weapons, the two of them stood there staring at each other in anger.
  • 152) The grandson of Shini (Satyaki), not able to digest the opponent standing up to him, picked up an arrow and discharged it powerfully at his chest.
  • 153) Having been hit by it, Shishupala fell down unconsciousness. Satyaki felt contended at having defeated him and departed (from there).
  • 154) The other Yadavas defeated his (Shishupala’s) army and left from there. Prior to that itself, Rugmi and the others had gone after Sri Krishna.
  • 155) Rugmi, along with Ekalavya and others, showered many arrows at Sri Krishna. Like a lion, Sri Krishna turned around and stood his ground.
  • 156) Then Sri Krishna destroyed an army of three Akshouhinis with his arrows. In an instant, by shooting arrows, he rendered Ekalavya weaponless and chariot-less.
  • 157) Seeing Sri Krishna picking up an arrow that could destroy the body, Ekalavya left him and ran away due to fear.
  • 158) Seeing the best amongst bowmen, Ekalavya, deserting battle and run away like that, Dantavakra and the other Kings also were fear-stricken and started running.
  • 159) After that, Rugmi, the son of Bhishmaka, faced Sri Keshava and showered arrows at him like raindrops. Sri Krishna quickly rendered him chariot-less.
  • 160) He broke his bow too. Rugmi again picked up a sword and shield and climbed Sri Krishna’s chariot. The Lord broke his sword and shield with his arrows.


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