Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 17: Part 12

  • 221) In this way, when Lord Janardana, the ocean of infinite auspicious attributes, was taking care of the Earth, a Brahmana approached him once.
  • 222) His name was Janardana. He took refuge at the feet of Sri Krishna, who gave him great respect. Bowing to Sri Krishna, he spoke thus.
  • 223) “O Lord! Please excuse me, for I am having to speak sinful words. Since I have come as the messenger of a great sinner, the words are of that nature”.
  • 224) “There is nothing that you are unaware of. Still, I shall speak if you permit me” – said the Brahmana. Sri Krishna said – “Speak”. The Brahmana said thus.
  • 225) “King Salva has obtained two sons. Both of them are devotees of Shiva. Due to the tapobala of the father and the blessings of Shiva, they were born”.
  • 226-227) “They had obtained the boons of invincibility and being free from death (due to others) from Shiva. Both of them were Jarasandha’s students. Due to the power of their penance, Shiva had given them two Bhutas named Mahodara and Kundadhari, both of whom were also invincible and free from death”
  • 228) “The two (Bhutas) were helping them. By nature the two Bhutas could not be killed but they had also obtained the benefit of invincibility due to Shiva’s boon”.
    • Note: Being Shiva’s assistants, they were naturally free from death.
  • 229) “Due to Shiva’s boons of invincibility and freedom from death, the two sons (Hamsa and Dibika) got enraged with power and and want their father to perform the Rajasuya yajna”.
  • 230) “Since Jarasandha was their Guru, he does not desire to oppose them. After all, they want to perform the yajna by defeating those Kings who were on the side of the Devatas”.
  • 231) “O Lord Krishna! Since Vaidikas state that the Rajasuya is a Vaishnava yajna, Jarasandha does not wish to perform it”.
  • 232) “Desiring fame for their father, these two want to defeat you and hence want to perform this yajna. This they have communicated to you”.
  • 233) “You reside in the ocean. Come to us with the jewels fetched from the salty ocean. This is what they have stated. Please excuse my words”.
  • 234) Stating thus, Janardana bowed to Sri Krishna. The Yadavas gave out a loud laughter. Sri Krishna dictated a message to Satyaki through his cloud-like, baritone voice.
  • 235) “O Satyaki! Go there. Go to that lowly King and convey my message. Tell him that he should have no doubt that I shall come to him with excellent weapons and pay him my tax”.
  • 236) “Be prepared for war and both of you come to Pushkara immediately” – when he said thus, the son of Shini left along with the Brahmana.
  • 237) Satyaki left in order to meet them (Hamsa – Dibika). The powerful Satyaki delivered the message of Sri Krishna, and after having rendered them trivial, returned to Sri Krishna.
  • 238) Before this happened, the two of them had once insulted the Sage Durvasa, the one who is the Avatara of Shiva, assuming him to be very insignificant.
  • 239) They had destroyed the loin cloth and other artifacts of the Sage, who at that time was along with three thousand of his shishyas.
  • 240) Since he himself, in his original form (of Shiva) had granted them boons, the Sage could not curse them. He then approached Sri Krishna, the all powerful one who could destroy every evil being.

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