Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 18: Part 5

  • 81) After that, Bhima stopped hurting the army and left behind Arjuna. The army, which survived thus from Bhima’s hands, ran away from there due to fear.
  • 82) Arjuna brought Drupada to Drona’s presence and handed him over. Drona asked Drupada thus – “Are you for my friendship? Or not?”.
  • 83-86) “I do have it (friendship) now” – said Drupada to Drona. Again, Drona said to Drupada – “I need permanent friendship with you. Since you do not maintain friendship with anyone who is not a King I did this. War is not prescribed for a Brahmana. That is why I did not capture you personally. Desiring your friendship, I got this done through my shishyas. Even now, I will take away only half your Kingdom since I want your friendship. You will remain King of the land south of Ganga. I will become King for the land north of it. Even if one of us doesn’t remain a King, our friendship won’t last, will it?”.
  • 87) Saying thus, Drona released him and accepted half his Kingdom. Along with his shishyas he left for Nagapura (Hastinapura) and stayed there in comfort.
  • 88-89) Fearing that his Brahmanatva will have to be given up, he did not pick up his bow for the battle. Later, however, when the sons of Dhritharashtra begged him falling at his feet out of fear of Bhima, he fought the war against the Pandavas, along with his son. Thus, he took to the Dharma of a Kshatriya only as per the will of Sri Hari.
  • 90) Having lost the battle, Drupada however underwent great pain, suffering day and night, and desired to take the refuge of the Pandavas seeing the might of Bhima and Arjuna.
  • 91) He desired to make the words of Arjuna, calling him a relative, come true. Seeing his soft nature, he also desired to obtain a daughter whom he can give in marriage to Arjuna.
  • 92) Also desiring to obtain a son who would kill Drona, he went to two excellent Brahmanas known as Yaja and Upayaja. He gave daana of ten crore cows to them and brought them (to his place).
  • 93) Drupada performed a Yajna. “May a son be obtained through Drupada” – when they (Yaja-Upayaja) called his wife in this way, she delayed (her arrival) out of pride.
  • 94) Ignoring her saying that she was unimportant, the two excellent Brahmanas offered the havis that was to be consumed by her into the Agni.
  • 95) When they offered that havis into the Agni using two Vaishnava mantras, Agni, with his coal-red radiance, rose from the middle of the fire.
  • 96) He had a crown on his head, and wore ear-rings. He was radiant with golden garlands. He was holding an excellent sword in his hand. He was letting out a roar like a Lion riding a chariot and was shining like the Sun. He approached Drupada.
  • 97) He was very gritty (Drushtatva) and also radiant (Dyotanatva) and therefore all the sages and Drupada too called him Dhrishtadyumna. He was well versed in the meaning of all the Vedas.
  • 98-99) Following him, verily Bharati Devi herself came out from the middle of the Yajnavedi. Since he bears everything Sri Vayu is known as Bharata. Being his wife, she is known as Bharati. Since she is also the presiding deity of the Vedas, she is known as Saraswati. As she is always under the refuge of Sri Vayu, who is bliss personified, she is also famous as Sri.
  • 100) She had the Avesha of Shachi, Shyamala and the Usha-devis also. Since these Devis are under the refuge of Indra, Dharma and the Ashwini-devatas (respectively) they too are known as Sri.


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