Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya: Chapter 16: Part 1

  • 1) At that time, the ruler of Magadha (Jarasandha) desired to battle and, together with all Kings, attacked Yadavas yet again. Sri Krishna, although endowed with eternal, lasting and unlimited strength, decided on his own accord to move far from there.
  • 2) To show the niti that must be followed even though a Kingdom is powerful, if they are numerically inferior in terms of number of warriors and weaponry, and if facing an army that is superior in numbers and weapons, Sri Krishna, along with Balarama, went thus towards the South.
  • 3) Sri Krishna was endowed with unlimited strength, the one whose was Supreme and the one with no fear. Yet, in order to teach Rajaniti, he left the place and met Sri Parashurama on the way. Although both of them were the same (form of Sri Hari), they sportingly appeared to be separate individuals and Sri Krishna learnt that Gomanta mountain was a place unreachable by the enemies. He, along with his elder brother, proceeded there.
  • 4) Around that time, in order to allow the unliberated devatas to perform his puja, the birthless Sri Narayana had come to a suitable place from his original abode (where only the liberated are allowed). In order to see him, (the daitya) Bali too had come there.
  • 5) In order to show everyone that he (Bali) had asuravesha at that time, Sri Vishnu, the one who always performs exemplary deeds and the one who can never be fully understood, glanced at the devatas once and appeared as if sleeping deeply, even though he is one without sleep always.
  • 6) Understanding the real intention of Sri Hari, all the devatas closed their eyes and rested on the beds. Bali picked up the crown of Sri Vishnu and left from there. The devatas laughed at this.
  • 7) Even as Brahma and the rest of the devatas, along with Sri Narayana himself, were laughing, Garuda departed to Patala. There, he defeated Bali and returned to where Sri Krishna was present, along with the crown.
  • 8) Garuda placed it on Sri Krishna’s head and sang praises of him, the one who is the lord of the devatas and who is the lord of Lakshmi. He was instructed by Sri Krishna thus – “Come to me when I summon you”. He then left for Ksheera Samudra where Narayana resided.
  • 9) Since there is absolutely no difference between the different forms of Sri Hari, the crown which was placed on Sri Krishna’s head sat there comfortably. Due to Sri Krishna’s wish, that crown placed itself on the head of Sri Narayana in Ksheera Samudra at the same time.
  • 10) The divine weapons of Sri Krishna, which had arrived earlier, and which had returned to Vaikunta, came down there (to Sri Krishna). At the same time, the weapons of Balarama too, along with this wife Varuni, came down.
  • 11) She (Varuni) also came there in another form as Sri, along with the avesha of Mahalakshmi. Another wife of his called Kanti also came there. There is a second Kanti who is the wife of Soma. Among the two, the wife of Shesha is the more beautiful one.
  • 12) Balarama, along with them, sported there. His radiance was brighter than that of the group of moons. The drink named Kadambari had the presence of Varuni in it. Balarama consumed it.
    • Note: Kadambari belonged to the category of ‘madya‘ but it was not forbidden since it had the presence of the devata Varuni.
  • 13) In this way, when the two of them were enjoying there, Jarasandha surrounded the Gomanta mountain and, along with many other (evil) Kings, set fire to the same. Sri Krishna and Balarama, the powerful ones, saw this and jumped up while pressing the mountain down.
  • 14) The mountain sunk inside the earth by eleven yojanas due to the pressing by their feet. Due to the friction of the mountain with the earth, a spring came up and the water from the same spread all around and quelled the fire.
  • 15 and 16) Sri Krishna and Balarama, the best amongst the devatas, rushed inside the army and destroyed the entire group of Kshatriyas. The group of evil Kings, including Hamsa, Dibika, Keechaka, Ekalavya Shishupala, Paundraka Vasudeva, Narakasura’s son Bhagadatta, Dantavakra, Rugmi, Salva the King of Saubha, Mainda and his brother Vivida, and many others surrounded them and angrily showered many arrows at them.
  • 17) Although they were inherently devotees of Sri Krishna, due to the fear of Jarasandha, and on account of having been imprisoned by him, Kings such as Shalya, Bahlika, Somadatta, Bhurishravas, Virata and Drupada the King of Panchala showered weapons, astras, groups of trees, rocks and arrows at him.
  • 18) Sri Krishna made all of them lose their charioteers, horses, flags, weapons and shields with his shower of arrows. Making them bleed profusely and suffer from immense pain, he chased them away like a Lion chases away deer.
  • 19) Having thus destroyed twenty-three akshouhinis of the enemy army, Sri Krishna only spared Rugmi causing less pain, keeping Rugmini in mind. He broke his weapons, made him chariot-less and chased him away.
  • 20) Jarasandha engaged in a fierce battle with the son of Rohini (Balarama) for a long time. He was hit by the force of the plough and lost consciousness. Regaining senses after a long time, he became extremely agitated and smashed his mace at Balarama’s chest.

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