Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXVI

  • Sloka 251: Once a man crosses 14 years of age, he keeps doing enough Karma to guarantee himself at least 10 more bodies (births). How is it then possible to attain salvation after exhausting previous Karmas?
  • Sloka 252: If one treats people of equal merit unequally, or if one treats unequals at the same level, such a person will fall from his position even if he is a devata
  • Sloka 253: Wealth, Relation, Age, One’s Achievement and the fifth one is Knowledge. These are the five things which command respect. The subsequently mentioned one is a better factor than the previous one(s)
  • Sloka 254: One who treats and respects all sentient beings according to their inherent Gunas and position; Lord Vishnu is very pleased with such a person
  • Sloka 255: One who treats his parents, enemies, children and friends after understanding their nature (Gunas) and in accordance with their nature; such a person is known as ‘Samabuddhi’ (level headed person)
  • Sloka 256: Even if one has to obtain death, one should never wear a horizontal ‘Nama’. One should not utter the name of any other God than Narayana!
  • Sloka 257: One who consumes the remaining Naivedya of Lord Hari day after day, such a person will obtain merits in excess of hundred Chandrayana vratas for every morsel of such food he has
  • Sloka 258: Even if a person is a Chandala, if we find a simple and beautiful Urdhva Pundra (vertical or upright mark – sign of a Vaishnava) on his forehead, such a person is a meritorious one and is worthy of respect. Let there be no doubt about this!
  • Sloka 259: The Urdhva Pundra on the forehead should be straight like a stick, beautiful and should have a gap/perforation/opening in the middle.  That gap is my residence!
  • Sloka 260: One who is unclean; One who does not practice any rituals; One who commits sins in his mind; Such people too become pure if they put on the Urdhva Pundra every day




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