Regular guest!

Since several months now, we have a regular guest at our place. He comes in once in a while, say once every 10 days or so. The guest doesn’t demand any special treatment, nor does his he stay for long. He is satisfied with whatever he can lay his hands on ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, he doesn’t wait for the “hosts” to serve him. Today, I managed to take a few photos of him. Take a look.

Hanumantha Raya
Enjoying chana dal
Enjoying chana dal & bananas

He is now almost a regular on Dwadashis. I am happy to have this guest join us for Dwadashi Parane ๐Ÿ™‚

Last Dwadashi, he quietly sneaked in to our kitchen and made away with a bottle of groundnuts. This time, some chana dal we had kept for drying was happily taken. The guy is so particular about his food hygiene that he did not eat any of the dal that got spilled on the balcony. He only ate the stuff present in the plate! In the end, we also gave him a banana which he very carefully peeled and ate sitting on our balcony perch and then left.

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