Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXVII

  • Sloka 261: The face of a person who does not have Urdhva Pundra is like a cemetery. If one sees such a face, one should look at the Sun (to purify oneself)
  • Sloka 262: Yagas, donations, Tapas, learning Vedas and tarpana to Pitrus, all these become worthless if done without putting on Urdhva Pundra
  • Sloka 263: All those people who are merely seen by a person who has applied Gopi Chandana to his forehead, hands and other parts, become purified. There is no doubt about this!
  • Sloka 264: “A Vaishnava has been born in our family. He will take us out of hell!” saying so, the Pitrus of a just-born clap and celebrate. The Pitamahas of the family dance in joy!
  • Sloka 265: Just five days of life as a devotee of Lord Vishnu is excellent. Enough a lifetime of thousand Kalpas is a waste if one does not have devotion towards Keshava
  • Sloka 266: A person who does not perform worship, remembrance or chanting of Lord Vishnu is a burden on earth and an enemy of food. What is the use of the birth of such a person?
  • Sloka 267: On this earth, if a person does not have devotion towards Vishnu, one should not even look at him, even if he is a Brahmin. If a person is born outside of the four Varnas, but is a devotee of Lord Vishnu, such a person will purify the three worlds!
  • Sloka 268: Yama said:: The person, in whose home a Vaishnava has food, and who has contact with devotees of Vishnu, will be rid of all his sins due to his acquaintance with Vaishnavas
  • Sloka 269: O Vaishya! Even the servants of a Vaishnava and those brahmins who eat the food of a Vaishnava (given by a Vaishnava) will be rid of the sorrows of life and attain salvation, just like the Vaishnava
  • Sloka 270: One should always strive for and pray for food from a Vaishnava. Due to this, one will be rid of all sins and will be respected in the abode of Lord Vishnu




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