Pavanje – Temples of Tulu Nadu

Pavanje is one of the most well known villages in Tulu Nadu. It has a rich history associated with its temples and village itself. It is also one of the few villages in Tulu Nadu which has three well known temples. Pavanje has a Durga Parameshwari Temple and a Subramanya Temple but the most famous amongst the temples is the Mahalingeshwara Temple. It is the latter temple that I am writing about here.

The main deity of this temple is of course Sri Mahalingeshwara. The temple also has a Mahaganapati temple but the Ganapati idol is located outside of the main temple complex, just to the right. Such a placement is very rare in Tulu Nadu temples. In most other temples, the Ganapati idol is found right next to the main Garbha Gudi.

The temple authorities did not allow me to click the photos of the idols. But a photo was available in the temple office. Am reproducing the same in this article.

Lord Mahalingeshwara

Ganapati Gudi

The village Pavanje and the temple have a recorded history of more than 600 years. There are several inscriptions and other archaeological evidences of the temple in and around Pavanje. The Kings of the Hoysala kingdom and later the Vijayanagara kings were great patrons of this region. Several grants have been made to this temple by them. The grants made in 1397 A.D and 1438 A.D have been recorded through inscriptions at the temple.

Archaeological evidence


The temple itself is built on top of a hillock right next to the Pavanje river. This river merges with Shambhavi river a little further down in Mulky and merges into the Arabian Ocean. The temple is constructed in typical Tulu Nadu style and offers a panoramic view of Pavanje and surroundings.

Garbha Gudi

Teertha Mantapa

The main Bhuta of this temple is Jarandaaya. The Jarandaaya daiva sthana is located at nearby Haleangadi. Other Bhutas include Rakteshwari and Koddabbu.

There is a Naga Bana associated with the temple and also a “Brahma Sthana”. In fact, the Naga and Brahma worship of Pavanje is very well known in this region.

River Pavanje

Temple Pond

Name: Pavanje Sri Mahalingeshwara Sri Mahaganapati Temple

Location: Pavanje, Mangalore, Dakshina Kannada

Dieties: Mahalingeshwara, Mahaganapati, Nagas

Bhutas: Jaarandaaya, Rakteshwari, Kaddabbu, others

Temple entrance

Naga Sthana

Address: Sri Pavanje Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapati Devasthana, Pavanje, Haleangadi Post, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada – 574 146.

Contact: Snail mail

Annual festival: For eight days every year starting on Maha Shivaratri. The Jaarandaaya Bhuta Kola is held on the 9th day.

Nearby temples: Pavanje Subramanya Devasthana, Bappanadu Durga Parameshwari Devasthana

Temple Prangana

Specialities: During the annual festival, there is a custom that no other auspicious event should be conducted in the village. Though this is prevalent in many other villages, it is still very strictly adhered to in Pavanje.

Also, the villagers of Pavanje do not leave the village once the Jaatre starts. Even if they have to leave the village for emergency purposes, they make it a point to return before the temple flag is brought down on the last day.

More photos of the temple can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Pavanje – Temples of Tulu Nadu

  1. Namaskara Shri Hariprasad, Could you let me know whether Madhwas are allowed to learn and recite Laghunyasam as part of Shri Rudra parayana? How about Namaka and Chamaka?


    1. Mr Narayana
      Your query about place of Shiva in Madhva belief needs more clarification. SrI Madhva in his Tantrasara sangraha, mentions shivapanchakshari as a mahamantra, and describes panchamukha rudra. He also prescribes a mantra on Viswambhara Ganesha. No acharya has this respect to Gods. Namaka and Chamaka are not used as Shiva is worshipped as Sankarshana and not as Shiva in Linga form. There is a mention of Sankarshana in Rudrapatha also.

  2. It is a question which as a Madhva I feel like commenting. No one stops Madhvas to worship or offer havis to Rudra-Shiva, like Srivashnavas who never say a word Shiva!! BUt as a custom, we learn only soma pavamaana and tRAYAMBAKAM….. as we do not do rurabhishekam to shiva lingam. Instead we are supposed to keepGaruda &Sesha images at home in place of Shiva. Rudra is worshipped in temples in Linga form.


  4. hi i am from gadag and i have kalasarpdosa in my kundli so one of my villagers said make kalasarpdosa puja in pavanje but i dont no where and how please tell me details and contacts ….thanks for post

  5. Dear Mr. Raghu,
    In case you wish to perform Kala-sarpa-dosha pooje at Pavanje, please travel to a place named Suratkal in Mangalore. The temple is located 3 km on the Northern edge of Mangalore on the Mangalore Goa highway. local buses or autos will take you there.

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