Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXV

  • Sloka 241: Those who touch the Shaligrama Shila everyday, even the Gods desire to touch the hands of such people
  • Sloka 242: It is very difficult to tolerate the fire and Yama Kinkaras in hell. The path of Naraka is very laden with difficulties and the state of being a “preta” is very tough
  • Sloka 243: All this must be thought through and evil actions, which lead to hell, must be given up. For this purpose, the constant remembrance and chanting of Lord Vishnu’s name must never be given up
  • Sloka 244: Veda Vyasa said:: By the chanting of the Lord’s names such as Achyuta, Ananta and Govinda, all diseases are utterly scared and they get destroyed. What I say is the truth – truth indeed
  • Sloka 245: Those who utter the two letters “Ha-ri” at least once, have got ready their luggage for the journey towards salvation!
  • Sloka 246: In this way, Lord Brahma, all the other Gods and pious Rishis chant the holy name of Lord Narayana, the one who is the best, the one who is the Supreme Lord of all
  • Sloka 247: For one who meditates with devotion upon Lord Narayana daily, what is the use of donations, of pilgrimages, of Tapas or of Yagnas?
  • Sloka 248: For one who meditates upon Lord Hari in his heart, thinking of HIM as the Supreme One and the One with all auspicious attributes, every day is a festival, every day he obtains fame, every day he attains wealth and every day he emerges victorious
  • Sloka 249 and 250: Irrespective of whether one is male or female, once a person crosses fourteen years of age, he or she commits enough Karma every single minute so as to ensure at least ten more births. This cycle of birth and death has been going on for an eternity. Therefore, without realizing the Supreme Lord Hari, how can one desire of Moksha?




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