Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXIV

  • Sloka 231: This topic (all the previously mentioned topics) gives lots of merits, is very secret, holy and destroys all sins. It also enhances ones life and fame and destroys the presence of Kali and bad dreams as well
  • Sloka 232: In this Kali Yuga, what if there is lot of sin from activities like murder, thieving and others? The mere remembrance of Govinda destroys all the sins just like bales of cotton are burnt away!
  • Sloka 233: In Kali Yuga, the devotees of Lord Keshava have nothing to fear. All the sins get destroyed due to remembrance, chanting and meditation of the Lord
  • Sloka 234: This work must be heard without prejudice. This must be studied with devotion and must be repeatedly instructed to those who are on the path of Dharma
  • Sloka 235: Those who study this work, which preaches the greatness and excellence of the Supreme Being, will lose all their sins and obtain the Supreme world of the Lord!
  • Sloka 236: One who listens to this work will tread on the path of Dharma. One who listens to this work will give up evil thoughts. One who listens to this work will obtain knowledge (of the Lord). One who listens to this work will obtain salvation
  • Sloka 237: Therefore, one must always listen to this Shastra. One must always instruct this Shastra to others. (But) This Shastra must never be given to those who are burnt in the fire of evil logic!
  • Sloka 238: In order to give nectar to the people on this earth who are (like) dead after consuming the poison of Samsara (cycle of life), this work called Krishnamruta Maharnava has been composed
  • Sloka 239: The act of sprinkling oneself with the holy water from the feet of Vishnu (i.e. theertha) is equal to taking bath daily in thousands of crores of Theertha Kshetras!
  • Sloka 240: For one who consumes daily, the holy water offered to the Shaligrama Shila, what is the use of bathing in thousands of crores of Theertha Kshetras?





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