Krishnamruta Maharnava – XXIII

  • Sloka 222: Shankara said:: All the Puranas are exclaiming the same thing again and again – that one should not consume food AND not consume food on Ekadashi!
  • Sloka 223: Till one is alive, one should always observe Dwadashi. One should worship Lord Hrishikesha with a clean heart
  • Sloka 224: O learned ones! Lord Hrishikesha can be obtained by devotion alone and not by wealth. To the one who worships him with devotion,  HE grants all the desires
  • Sloka 225: Just as one who is suffering from thirst is immensely satisfied with water, Lord Jagannatha, the destroyer of all sorrows, is immensely satisfied even if one worships HIM with at least water
  • Sloka 226: O Narasimha, the one who has lotus like eyes! Always reside in my heart, even when I am sitting, sleeping, standing or walking
  • Sloka 227: O Lord Narasimha! the one who is omnipresent, the indestructible, the one with lotus like eyes and the one who is the Lord of all. Reside in my heart in every state of mine (such as when awake, sleeping, dreaming, unconscious, etc)
  • Sloka 228: O Lord Krishna, the one with eyes like lotus! Please give me your hands which are my only refuge when I am sinking in the ocean of slush that is this wordly life (the cycle of life and death)
  • Sloka 229: The essence of the Vedas are that one must  (a) never consume food on Ekadashi (b) never drink alchohol and (c) never kill a Brahmin (knowledgeable man)
  • Sloka 230: O Lord of the world! the one without any defects or modifications! the indestructible! the one whom the Vedas proclaim! O Vasudeva! Please always protect me. Get me out of this sorrow filled cycle of life and death




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