shri rAma chAritra manjari – XI

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

yajnaM tanvanstrikOTeen vyatudata bharatAdyO&surAneeshavAkyA-
dyAsyan dhAmAtriputraM bhujimatha sa nayannAtmasUnU svarAjyE |
kRutvA shreehreehanUmaddRutavimalachalacchAmaracchatrashObhee
brahmAdaiH stUyamAnO nijapuravilasatpAdapadmO&vatAnmAM || 11 ||

Words in the shlOka

yajnaM, tanvan, trikOTeen, vyatudata, bharatAt, yaH, asurAn, eeshavAkyAt, yAsyAn, dhAma, atri, putraM, bhujiM, atha, sa, nayan, AtmasUnU, svarAjyE, kRutvA, shrI, hrI, hanUmat, dhRuta, vimala, chalacchAmara, Chatra, shObhee, brahmAdaiH, stUyamAnaH, nija, pura, vilasat, pAdapadmaH, avatAt, mAM

Word meanings

yajnaM – yajna (ashwamEdha yajna)
tanvan – having performed
trikOTeen – three crores
vyatudata – gotten killed
bharatAt – through bharata
yaH – that LORD rAma
asurAn – daityas
eeshavAkyAt – according to the words of rudra
yAsyAn – gotten ready to go
dhAma – shwetadweepa
atri – sage atri
putraM – son (i.e. sage doorvAsa)
bhujiM – meals
atha – then
sa – HE
nayan – gotten done
AtmasUnU – HIS own sons
svarAjyE – Kingdom
kRutvA – having appointed
shrI – shrI dEvi
hrI – hrI dEvi
hanUmat – Lord hanUmAn
dhRuta – having held
vimala – clean
chalacchAmara – the swaying fans
Chatra – white umbrella
shObhee – radiating
brahmAdaiH – Lord brahma and others
stUyamAnaH – being praised with stutis
nija – HIS own
pura – shwEta dweepa
vilasat – brightly visibe
pAdapadmaH – ONE with lotus feet
avatAt – protect
mAM – me


LORD rAma performed the ashwamedha yajna. LORD rAma then sent bharata to gandharvapura and got three crore asuras killed.

LORD then listened to the request of rudra and assured him of HIS return to shwEta dweepa. He satisifed the demands of sage dUrvAsa and fed him extremely satisfying bhOjana.

LORD rAma made HIS sons i.e. lava and kusha as the head of the Kingdom and headed north to HIS abode i.e shwEta dweepa. There HE was surrounded by shrI and hrI forms of mahAlakshmi on two sides and were fanning him with chAmara.

Lord hanUmAn was holding the white umbrella for the LORD while brahma, rudra and other dEvatas were singing praises of the LORD, who was resting in joy.

May such a LORD always protect me!


– LORD rAma got sugreeva and all other kapees and other Kings to ayOdhya and performed the ashwamEdha yaaga for one year.
– The 3 crore asuras were actually gandharva-putras and were known as shailooShas. The king of kaikeya desha sent a request to the LORD through a person called girisEna for protection from these demons. LORD got them killed through bharata.
– In order to request HIS return, the devatas requested rudra to speak to LORD rAma.
– Around the same time, rudra, in his other form as sage dUrvAsa came to rAma’s abode. He demanded that he needs fresh food that is already ready (stale food won’t do, and he can’t wait for food to be cooked). LORD just extended HIS hand and produced a huge variety of fresh food and fed the sage to his satisfaction.
– Lava was the avatara of Indra; Kusha was the avatara of agni

The main part of the shrI rAma chAritra manjari by shrI rAghavEndra tIrtharu ends here.
shrI krishnArpaNAmastu

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