Krishnamruta Maharnava – VI

  • Sloka 51: The chanting/remembrance of the name of Lord Vasudeva, the wielder of the Sudarshana Chakra, burns away all the sins accumulated over crores of births!
  • Sloka 52: One who meditates every day on Narayana with full concentration and devotion, what is the use of pilgrimages, penances and Yagnas for such a person?
  • Sloka 53: One who loses interest (renounces) on material objects, obtains the knowledge of hierarchy (taratamya) and chants the name of Narayana, the master (teacher) of the Gods, such people, due to their meditation will lose all the dirt accumulated in their hearts and will never drink their mother’s milk again (i.e will never be born again – will attain Mukti)
  • Sloka 54: O soul! Always think of Lord Vasudeva as being in this body. Lord Hari, who is always the subject of meditation, will surely destroy the cycle of Samsara (birth & death)
  • Sloka 55: The main conclusion arrived at when all the scriptures were researched and studied in detail was this – One should always worship/meditate Lord Narayana to obtain salvation!
  • Sloka 56: One whose mere remembrance causes a soul to experience (obtain) all auspicious things, I seek refuge in that Hari, the one who has no beginning (birth)
  • Sloka 57: The punya, according to Shastras, obtained by studying Vedas, performing Yagnas, penances, donations, observing rituals, pilgrimages, performing Vaishvadeva, building Thaataka etc – all can be obtained by merely remembering/chanting the name of Lord Vasudeva
  • Sloka 58: A person’s desire, however small or big it is, will be instantly satisfied, if he worships Lord Vishnu will devotion
  • Sloka 59: O Maitreya! Just as gold and other metals melt away when exposed to fire, similarly all the sins melt away when one chants the name of Hari with devotion
  • Sloka 60: If one chants/sings the name of Lord Hari with devotion, even those sins – which will fetch the sorrow of unbearable hell and which are caused by Kali – will be destroyed





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