Krishnamruta Maharnava – V

  • Sloka 41: In Kali Yuga, the ignorant people do not worship nor meditate on Lord Hari – One who is the Lord of all Gods and is the one who washes away all our sorrow
  • Sloka 42: One who always remembers Lord Vishnu with sincerity and genuity,  such a soul will escape the cycle of life & death and attain the abode of Vishnu
  • Sloka 43: One who remembers Narayana daily will never be troubled by the miseries of life such as gestation, birth, ageing, disease and other sorrows
  • Sloka 44: One who constantly remembers Lord Garudadhwaja will never see the path of Yama nor will they ever see hell – not even in their dreams!
  • Sloka 45: A devotee who keeps (remembers) the form of Achyuta in his heart, who always has His name on his lips, feeds Naivedya of Lord Hari to his stomach and keeps the tirtha (holy water) and Nirmalya on his head, such a person will attain salvation
  • Sloka 46: Just as a mere spark burns down an entire mound of cotton, so does chanting the name of Lord Govinda burn down an entire mountain of sin. Let there be no doubt about this!
  • Sloka 47: Agastya said:: Just like the (wings of) mountains were destroyed by the power of Vajrayudha, similarly the cell (jail) that a soul is wrapped in (i.e. Sthoola and Sookshma Shareeras) is destroyed by remembering the name of Lord Krishna
  • Sloka 48: The better souls (Satthvik) are always interested in Lord Krishna. They constantly remember Krishna and are always devoted to Him. Their heart is always on Krishna. Such souls reach Vishnu even though they lose their bodies, just like the Havis (fire-offerings) which reach Agni when offered with Mantras (even though they get burnt outwardly)
  • Sloka 49: It is a big mistake and big loss for a human, if he does not remember Vasudeva even for a Muhurtha or second! Such a mistake is equal to blindness (not reading Shastras), laziness (keeping quiet instead of reading His stories) and dumbness (not chanting His name)
  • Sloka 50: The realized souls call Narayana as the biggest and most famous thief on this Earth. HE steals away all the sin accumulated by a soul over many births, just by mere remembrance of HIS name!





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