Krishnamruta Maharnava – VII

  • Sloka 61: Indra and others act as enemies in one’s pursuit to obtain Moksha in this easy way. But, one who depends upon Keshava obtains Moksha without any difficulties
  • Sloka 62: In the entire Jambudveepa island, surrounded by four oceans, there is none other than Keshava who have cure all our sins!
  • Sloka 63: The results one obtains by worshipping Lord Hari for 100 years in Kruta Yuga is obtained in Kali Yuga merely by chanting the name of the Lord
  • Sloka 64: But, as Kali Yuga progresses and Dharma reduces, then none will (be able to) chant the name of the indestructible and Moksha-giver Achyuta!
  • Sloka 65: Just as animals run away upon hearing a lion’s roar, so will all the sins of humans run away upon chanting (knowingly or unknowingly) the name of Lord Hari
  • Sloka 66: Brahma said:: The mantra called “Narayana” exists; The tongue is in one’s own control; Still people end up falling in terrible hell. What a surprise!
  • Sloka 67: Those who are subject to lots of sufferings; those who are troubled with many miseries; those who are physically incapable; those who are scared (of thieves and others); those who are suffering from terrible diseases; All these people will instantly lose all their trouble and obtain peace and happiness by the mere remembrance and chanting of the name of Narayana
  • Sloka 68: Koushika said:: One who chants the name of Krishna even once and worships Him will never enter the jail of a mother’s womb nor will he ever enter the sorrow filled world of Yama (hell)
  • Sloka 69: The attainment of heaven, which is part of a cycle (of birth & death) is one side. The name/Japa of Vasudeva, which is the cause of Moksha (and thereby no return) is on the other side. (Is there any comparison?)
  • Sloka 70: By whose remembrance and chanting, one is freed from any subsequent birth in this world, one should understand that Lord and constantly chant the two words called “Hari”




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