Krishnamruta Maharnava – XVI

  • Sloka 151: Till this physical body is in good condition, free from diseases and has active senses, perform that Sadhana which is good for you (i.e. worship of the Lord). Else, you will have to repent out of remorse later!
  • Sloka 152: Till the time your physical body has the strength and the senses are in condition, perform the worship of Govinda. Put your life to the best use by doing so
  • Sloka 153: When the senses (sense organs) are working well, put them into worshiping Hrishikesha, the Lord of the senses. Once the senses desert, who will (can) think of Hrishikesha?
  • Sloka 154: Instead of thinking of material issues, which are like poison, if one devotes his time to the constant remembrance of  Lord Vishnu, how will anyone NOT get out of the cycle of life?
  • Sloka 155: The time one wastes in discussing & chatting worldly topics, if one spends the same time praying to Lord Vishnu, how would one not get out of the cycle of birth and death?
  • Sloka 156: Suta said:: Brahmins must learn about the day when Ekadashi occurs from astrologers who discuss and determine the same. Having determined the same, fasting must be done on that day, else one will attain hell!
  • Sloka 157: If tithis are in Kshaya (less), excess or if all the three tithis occur on Ekadashi, then fasting done on Dwadashi is beneficial. The Ekadashi which has the contact of Dashami must be avoided
  • Sloka 158: If one fasts on an Ekadashi which has the contact of Dashami (i.e. Dashami exists at sunrise on the day), such a person will lose all the merits he has accumulated and will cause the destruction of his lineage and loss of all his wealth
  • Sloka 159: O excellent Brahmin! Just like Ganga water which has been contaminated by a drop of alcohol needs to be avoided, so should Ekadashi be avoided (for fasting) if there is even a faint contact with Dashami. (Note: Avoiding Ekadashi here means fasting on Dwadashi)
  • Sloka 160: O excellent Brahmins! Just like Panchagavya, even though very pure,  is avoided if it comes in contact with a dog’s skin, so must Ekadashi be avoided if there is contact of Dashami, irrespective of whether it occurs in the Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha




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