Hierarchy of the Daityas

Just like there is a hierarchy amongst Devatas, there is a hierarchy amongst Daityas also. The leader of the Daityas is Kali and, in decreasing order of evil, the list goes on till we reach “Adhama Manushyas” or “Lowest forms of humans”. The following information is compiled from the “Daitya Taratamya Sandhi” Of Harikathamruthasara, the Dvaita encyclopaedia written by Sri Jagannatha Dasa.

  • Kali, just like Lord Brahma, has a lifetime of 100 years. The rest of the Daityas have decreasing evilness in the hierarchy till we reach Adhama Manushyas. Amongst evil qualities, Kali and his wife Alakshmi are matchless.
  • There is only one Kali for every 100 years of Lord Brahma. The rest of the demons reach Andhan Tamas after completing their share of evil. Once 100 years of Lord Brahma is complete, their Linga Deha is destroyed by the mace of Lord Vayu.
  • The Daityas then reach Tamas and, by virtue of their inherent nature, undergo sorrow. Even in Tamas, they continue their hatred for Vishnu. Kali is again at the head of this group.
  • After Kali comes Alakshmi, his wife. She is less evil than him by 100 attributes (Gunas). Viprachitti, who incarnated as Jarasandha, comes next and has 100 attributes less than Alakshmi. Following Viprachitti is Kalanemi who incarnated as Kamsa.
  • Madhu-Kaitabha come next and have 5 attributes less than Kalanemi. They incarnated as Hamsa and Dibika during Krishna Avatara. Narakasura is at the same level as Viprachitti. Next comes Hiranyakashipu who is less than Narakasura by 100 attributes.
  • Hiranyaksha is less than Hiranyakashipu by 3 Gunas. Manimanta is equal to Hiranyaksha. Bakasura comes next. Demon Taraka is next and has 20 attributes less than Bakasura. Shambarasura is lesser to Taraka by 6 Gunas.
  • Salva is equal to Shambarasura and less than Manimanta by 10 Gunas. Hidimbasura is lesser than Shambarasura by 6 Gunas. Hidimba, Banasura, Dvapara and Keechaka are equals.
  • Namuchi, Ilvala and Paka are equals. They are 10 Gunas lesser than Banasura and others. Vatapi is lesser by three Gunas. Dhenukasura is lesser than Vatapi by 100 Gunas. Keshi is less than Dhenukasura by half a Guna.
  • Trunavarta is equal to Keshi. Lavanasura, who was killed by Shatrugna in Ramayana, is lesser than Trunavarta by 11 Gunas and is above Arishta by 5 Gunas.
  • Dushashana, Vrushasena are equal to Jarasandha (Viprachitti). Kamsa (Kalanemi), Koopa and Vikarna are equal to each other. Rugmi is lesser than Kamsa by 100 Gunas. Shatadhanva and Kirmeera are lesser than Rugmi by 100 Gunas.
  • Kalakeyas are the Abhimani daityas for alchohol. Next to them are the abhimani daityas for the Indriyas.

– Kali took avatar as Duryodhana
– Alakshmi took avatar as Duryodhana’s wife. She was also Manthara in Ramayana (Kaikeyi’s maid)
– Viprachitti was Jarasandha
– Kalanemi was Kamsa
– Madhu and Kaitabha were Hamsa and Dibika
– Bakasura, Hidimba, Jarasandha, Duryodhana, Dushashana, Vikarna, Kirmeera and Manimanta were all killed by Bhimasena
– Kamsa, Hamsa, Dibika, etc were killed by Lord Krishna

8 thoughts on “Hierarchy of the Daityas

  1. KAli reaches andhatamas with each and every amsha , kali and his amshas are oblivious of each other ulike devatas , who know their amshas well . this is very strange aspect daitya dwesh sadhana , for example , if kali can see entire world , pollute everyone’s mind , yet he as duryodhana will be unaware of other’s mind

    1. I wouls suggest that Daitya taratamya is only for theological study of Philosophy. Sri Madhva himself tells us that the number of Gunas one is superior or inferior in Taratamya is for the purpose of Study, balaanaam bodhanaarthaaya…hENCE LET US NOT GO DEEP INTO THIS NOW, wE DO NOT KNOW WHO IS A DAITYA, WHO IS NOT. wE CAN MISTAKE A sTUPID PERSON WITH rHYTHMICAL WORDS ON HIS LIPS AS A JNANI. A SIMPLE PERSON A JNANI FOR A FOOL.

      1. hari rayarige namaskara. Every human exists in three forms every day in his whole life. 1. DEVA 2. MANAVA 3. RAKSHASA. bsaed on his thoughts. The variations in the thought level makes him the god, human and demon.
        But it is very much true that the state of devine is sustained and maintained through out, makes him to become divine and easy for him to become one with the brahma and merge with him, the ultimate.

  2. There is no translation of Harikathamritasaara. oNE BY hv rANGANATH is silly. he has his own views suppoted by him and not in co ordination with scholars of dvaita.

    1. Recently I happen to know one onl line translation of Hks by Sri Mutalik. You can rely on it. It gives the summary of each Sandhi and has a clear and good translation of sri jagannatha dasaru’s magnum opus. please read this.

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