Mantra additions – 24th April 2009

Some search engines don’t pick up edit changes to “Pages” on blogs. They only seem to notice changes to “Posts”. So, in order that new additions to the Mantras page become visible, I make periodic posts with a list of the things added. Some recent additions are

  1. Dadhi Vamana Stotra
  2. Hayavadana Ashtakam
  3. Vishnu Ashta Nama Stotra
  4. Vishnu Shata Nama Stotra
  5. Lakshmyaaryavruttam
  6. Anu Vayu Stuti
  7. Madhva Muni Prataapaashtakam
  8. Medha Suktam

These can be downloaded from the mantras page. Kannada and Devanagari versions are available.

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