Kathelsar – Temples of Tulu Nadu

Kathelsar is a tiny tiny hamlet,  found on the stretch between Nellitheertha and Bajpe. There are probably, just a few tens of houses in this village. One can find a very ancient Vishnumurthy temple in this village. In addition to the main diety, there is also a Ganapati idol in the temple. The Ganapati idol is made of white stone and is significantly different from the idols found in other temples around here.

Sri Vishnumurthy

Sri Vishnumurthy



The temple is not really in a good shape at all. The priest’s family are doing their best to maintain the temple on a daily basis. But the temple could do with a lot of renovation and repair. It is sad to see such a serene place being neglected so badly, although this is not the only temple in Tulu Nadu which is facing such a situation.

Garbha Gudi - Theertha Mantapa

Garbha Gudi - Theertha Mantapa



The main bhoota worshipped here is Panjurli. Due to the lack of resources, the temple management conducts the annual festival for only one day – during the full moon day in the solar month of Vrushabha (around May-June).





Name: Sri Vishnumurthy Devasthana

Location: Kathelsar, Dakshina Kannada

Dieties: Vishnu, Ganapati

Bhutas: Panjurli

Address: Sri Vishnumurthy Devasthana, Kathelsar Village, Bajpe Post, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Contact: Snail mail

How to get there: Reach Bajpe from Mangalore. Take the road to Nellitheertha (Kateel road). Kathelsar is mid-way on this stretch.

Annual festival: For one day – Purnima in the solar month of Vrushabha

More photos: here


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  1. jaiwanth Says:

    Can you give me postal address of the Temple you have mentioned to jaiwant23@yahoo.com

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