Kompadavu – Temples of Tulu Nadu

Kompadavu is a small village in Mangalore Taluk of Dakshina Kannada district. It is very close to Nellitheertha and Muchur. Kompadavu has a small and ancient Vishnu temple. The diety is actually called “Vishnu Murthy”. This temple has close links, in terms of its mythological origins to the Nellitheertha and Muchur temples.


Sri Vishnumurthy

Sri Vishnumurthy

Garbha Gudi

Garbha Gudi

According to the legend of the place, when Sri Durga appeared in front of Sage Jabali at the Nellitheertha cave, she bestowed a boon on the region and said that Shiva, Vishnu and Durga would reside in that region. Consequently, the Muchur Durga Parameshwari temple, the Nellitheertha Somanatha temple and the Kompadavu Vishnumurthy temple came into existence. The place is also known as Kovalapura in ancient records.





Theertha Mantapa

Theertha Mantapa

The temple is not in a very good condition. The worship, and rituals though, happens without fail. The archaka family which stays close by, is very dedicated to the functioning of the temple. The main Bhootas here are Vyaghra Chamundi and Rakteshwari.


Vyaghra Chamundi Bhoota

Vyaghra Chamundi Bhoota

Bhoota Sthana

Bhoota Sthana

Name: Sri Vishnumurthy Devasthana

Location: Kompadavu village, Mangalore Taluk

Main dieties: Vishnu

Bhutas: Vyaghra Chamundi, Rakteshwari


Outer prangana

Outer prangana


Temple entrance

Temple entrance

Address: Sri Vishnumurthy Devasthana, Kompadavu Village, Manjana Katte stop, Mangalore Taluk, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka

Contact: Through snail mail

How to get there: From Mangalore, take the Moodabidri road. Cross Gurupura, Kaikamba and Ganjimatha. 3kms from Ganjimatha, turn left towards Niddodi. 4kms on this road, turn left at Manjana Katte. Drive 2kms to reach the temple. 

Annual festival: For 4 days starting on Purnima (full moon day) in the solar month of Makara (around Jan-Feb every year)

Best time to visit: All through the year

More photos: here


10 Responses to “Kompadavu – Temples of Tulu Nadu”

  1. Article on Kompadavu - Temples of Tulu Nadu « Hariprasad’s Weblog Says:

    […] Article on Kompadavu – Temples of Tulu Nadu Posted on March 5, 2009 by Hariprasad You can read an article on Komapadavu Sri Vishnumurthy Temple over here. […]

    • RAJESH BHAT Says:


      ##RAJESH BHAT,…..

  2. nvs bhat Says:

    Though it is very near to our Nelli, so far I missed a visit to this temple of Vishnu.
    But on seeing the photos I remebered the good old days of Nellitheertha Temple.
    The GOD is decorated only with few Tulsi buds, not even one garland. I think one Subraya Bhat like is reqd. to take care of this temple. I hope to see it in grandeour !
    Hari, your efforts are really appreciated. Please keep it up. Envious.

    • Hariprasad Says:

      Hi Chikappa,

      You should definitely visit the temple. In fact, I visited this along with Dr Vadish Bhat and I said exactly the same thing to him – that I could feel Nellitheertha of the late 80s when I visit this place.

      God willing, one day Nellitheertha temple will flourish so much that we will be able to help temples in the nearby region.

      Regards, Hari

  3. krishnaveni Says:

    kompadav is old greatest temple. this year festival is very grand. many times iwill go. this temple areas my grand mothers house.

  4. Nagaraja R Upadyaya Says:


    namma kompadauvu temple nodi bahala santosha ayeethu

    nanna huttida uuru kompadavu


  5. Nagaraja R Upadyaya Says:

    Sri Maha vishnu devaru sarvarigu olleyadannu madali

    Nagaraja R Upadyaya
    Sri Krishna Raghavendra Mandira, Pejavara Mutt K.N.S Circle
    Kanakapura-562117 Ramanagara Dist.
    email: nru_nagaraj@yahoo.co.in

  6. Nagaraja R Upadyaya Says:


    Kompadavu vishnumuthy temple very old & great histrocial temple this temple near other temple also there

    “Nelli thretha , kateel, Muchhur etc.


  7. rupesh devadiga kompadav Says:

    Komapadav shri vishnu murthy temple very old and great historical temple

  8. shridhar Says:

    kompadav templ.thumba.haleya.templ..and e time.andre.malegaladli.nodalu thumba.oledu.becse.suthal.gadde.hachha.hasirinida kudiruthe

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