Krishnamruta Maharnava – XVIII

  • Sloka 171: If Ekadashi exists for just 2 ghatikas before sunrise, it is considered as Sankeerna Ekadashi. Those desirous of Dharma and Artha should not fast on such Ekadashis
  • Sloka 172: Having fasted on an Ekadashi which had Dashami at the beginning, Gandhari lost all her 100 sons. Therefore, Viddhi Ekadashi must be avoided
  • Sloka 173: The learned say that Ekadashi with even a small element of Dashami must be avoided just like Amruta which is contaminated with alcohol is avoided
  • Sloka 174: Many shastras offer contrasting rules about Ekadashi. If brahmins are discussing about when to fast, it is always better (safer) to fast on Dwadashi and perform Parana on Trayodashi
  • Sloka 175: If Ekadashi has the Vedha of Dashami, even if the nakshatra during Dwadashi is Shravana, it is correct to fast on Dwadashi, both during Shukla and Krishna pakshas
  • Sloka 176: Thousands of eclipses, ten thousand Vyatipatas, lakhs of Amavasyas; all these are not equal to even one sixteenth of a Dwadashi
  • Sloka 177: Even if there is a bit of Dwadashi on a Trayodashi, it is just as fit for fasting like a pure Dwadashi (full day of Dwadashi). Dashami is like poison while Ekadashi is like Amruta. Therefore, Ekadashi which is contact with poison-like Dashami must be avoided and Ekadashi, which is nectar-like, must always be accepted for fasting
  • Sloka 178: Those who fast on a Viddhi Ekadashi and perform Parana on the next day (Dwadashi) are fools and attain hell!
  • Sloka 179: Those shastras which propagate fasting on a Viddhi Ekadashi are oriented towards material gains such as wealth. Ekadashi which has the Vedha of Dashami is never pleasing to Lord Hari
  • Sloka 180: On the other hand, upon the prayer of Mohini, wife of King Rukmanga, Lord Janardana, in the form of Veda Vyasa wrote those statements in the Puranas which propagate fasting on a Viddhi Ekadashi, just in order to confuse the evil!




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