Krishnamruta Maharnava – XIX

  • Sloka 181: The worship of lesser Gods who will grant (only) material wealth should increase. The wealth of evil people should get destroyed. The ignorance and incorrect knowledge of Asuras should increase. Pashandas should increase. These people should not get the true knowledge of the Supreme Being. Moksha should be unattainable by them. (-> Hence HE wrote some wrong statements in the Puranas)
  • Sloka 182: In this way, if one discards Viddhi Ekadashi and observes fast on the Dwadashi, by that single observance, the sins accumulated over crores of births will get destroyed
  • Sloka 183: If one observes Ekadashi in spite of resistance or obstruction from others, such a person will get a crore times more merits than one who merely fasts. Not only the sins accumulated over eternity…(contd in next shloka)
  • Sloka 184: …. but also the sins that one can potentially accumulate over subsequent births also get destroyed, if one gets another person to start observing Ekadashi fasting. There is no other person who is more liked by Lord Hari or me (Rudra)
  • Sloka 185: If there is no Vedha for Ekadashi, the Parana on Dwadashi must never be compromised. For Parana and Marana, the particular Tithi at that time must be considered, so say the Shastras. (Note – (1) This shloka means that if no Vedha, fasting must necessarily be done on Ekadashi and consequently Parana on Dwadashi. (2) Here Marana refers to the time to be considered for performing Shraddha for departed ancestors)
  • Sloka 186: Bachelors, Householders, people retired from active life and Sanyasis, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, Sumangalis…(contd in next shloka)
  • Sloka 187: …. widows, those outside of the 4 varnas such as Sutas, Vaidehikas and others also should, without fail, observe Ekadashi during both Shukla and Krishna Pakshas
  • Sloka 188: Due to ignorance or wrong knowledge, if one consumes food on either a Shukla Ekadashi or Krishna Ekadashi, such a person will definitely obtain hell
  • Sloka 189: Those people who think of only Shukla Paksha Ekadashi as fit for fasting and, out of ignorance, think that Krishna Paksha Ekadashi does not warrant fasting are sinners who will go to hell. This is certain!
  • Sloka 190: Shankara said:: O dear one! Whether it is a black colored one or a white one, a cow must never be killed. Similarly, whether it is Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha, one must never eat on an Ekadashi




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