Sode Tapovana

In Sode, along with the Sri Vadiraja Matha and the Trivikrama temple, another equally important and fascinating place is the “Tapovana”. This place is about 5 kms from the Matha and is on the banks of the river Shalmala.

Tapovana is the place where Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to sit down for his daily meditation whenever he was in Sode. It was there that Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to meditate upon Lord Hayagriva with a plate of “Hayagriva Maddi”, a special sweet dish made by him, on his head.

It is believed that the Lord used to visit him everyday during his meditation in the form of a horse and eat the sweet offered by him.

Even today, there are lots of relics at the place which are a living proof of the fact that Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to frequent this place and meditate here. Not to mention that there is a lot of tranquility at the place and is ideal for meditation.

There are lots of private jeeps available around the Matha and the drivers, for a nominal amount, double up as guides as well. It is a must visit for those planning to go to Sode.

A couple of stories about the Tapovana and the Trivikrama Temple in a subsequent post.


25 thoughts on “Sode Tapovana

  1. Dear hari,
    I am very thankful to your infos and cotact details about Vadiraja mutt, sode. It wll be very useful since I intend to vist the great vadiraja swamy brindavana in first week of August 2009.
    thank you very much.
    P.Raghunatha Rao

  2. Dear Hari,

    Thanks a lot for very useful infos regarding sode mutt and thapovana. I intend to visit Vadiraja Swamy brindavana in the first week of August 2009. Could you please throw some light with some historc coroborative anacdotes or evidences for his life (CE 1480 to1600) and Jeeva samadhi aspects of Pujya Swamigalu
    awaiting your reply,

    Raghunathan Rao P.

    1. Sri Vadirajaru was a contemporary of Vyasaraja swamy and some time disciple of Sripadarajaru. His longevity is next only to Rasmanuja in living for 120 years, 112 as a yati. The grants given by Nayakas of Swadi, and other copper plates, land grants, Babar honouring him in Delhi have been historically recorded. He entered Brindavana alive. He has contributed a lot to Madhva literature in Kannada, Samskrit and Tulu also. He is one among Udupi Swamijis respected by all Vijayadhvaja Teertha for his Padaratnavali, a comm. on Srimadbhagavatam. Vadirajaru is remembered in reorganising Paryaya system in Udupi for 2 years and so on.

  3. Dear Devotees,

    I am planning to visit Sodhe in Dec 2009. I will be leaving Bangalore by Kstrc and reaching sirsi early morning. Planning to stay the whole day and return back from sirsi late in the night the same day. My questions :

    1. Is there any Accomodation at Sodhe
    2. Sodhe Mutt – telephone number
    3. What sevas we can do at Sodhe and do we have to advance book
    4. What is the procedure of worship at sodhe


    1. Dear Prakash.

      There are 2 direct buses from Bangalore to Sodhe. Sugama Sleeper and VRL 2+1. Both reach sodhe( via sirsi ) b/w 7am – 8am. I wud suggest you consider this(better)alternative.

      There is a sampradaya at Sodhe VadirajaTheertha Sannidhi, that the devotees who arrive there first offer a couple of coconuts to VadirajaTheertha’s great disciple ShriBhootaRaajaru. Generally this is done on Uttu-Batte…. but since u may not have still bathed, u cud confirm this with one of the learned people there soon after your arrival.
      There are two sets of room-complexes as accommodation for devotees. The room may be booked upon ur arrival to Sodhe.

      Sorry, dont have the telephone number with me 😦



  5. Wanted to know about Shimshuara roopa of Hari , there are 2 stories i have heard.

    1) Dhurva after the years of Penance Shree Hari was in that roopa of Shimshuara appeared and gave Dhurva this post of becoming the enlightened Dhurva.
    2) There is one more story about this Shree Hari Roopa which is mentioned during choola Raja , its seems there is no Graha dosha if you keep Shimshuara idol at home and worship.

    Want to know????

    1. Namaskara Sri Jagannath,

      I am not sure about the second question you have asked but, AFAIK, Lord appeared in his Vasudeva roopa in front of Dhruva.

      Regards, Hari

    2. The sory from Bhagavata on Dhrivais correct. The other one is folk belef that in kanchi, if you touch the golden scorpion you will not have any drushti or graha dosha. you can even touch those who say they have touched lizard or scorpion in Kanchi. The first is authentic. I do not know about shimshumara during chola times.

  6. Sir,
    Is accomodation available in Sonde. Can anybody tell me please. I am going to Sonde on 13th August, 2010 and stay there for three days along with my parents, wife and 2 childrens. My small kid is just 11 months old. Is there bed, cot and hot water available…..

    1. Namaskara Sri Venkatesh,

      Accomodation is available in Sonda but you cannot expect the best facilities there. Also, it is on first-come-first serve basis.

      If you are looking for bed, cot and hot water facilities, it is better to take accomodation in nearby Sirsi (17kms away) and then visit Sonda.



  7. Dear Hariprasad,
    Thank you, this is very nice information, even i had been twice to Sonda, i was unable to visit Tapovana, which is my dream place to see this time there. Thank you for you great inforamtion. I like the way you are presenting the images and informing the details to all. Keep going
    Hare Srinivaasa,
    Dheerendra Aeri.

  8. I went to sodhe mutt once. Pls do tell me abt bhootha raja.i hav mental stress a lot wil i get a relif if i go there? And wat kind of seva should i do to get rid of my problem.? Pls mail me

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