Krishnamruta Maharnava – IV

  • Sloka 31: One who gets liberated from the bondage of this world will enter the form of Aniruddha first; He will then enter the form of Pradyumna, the Supreme amongst all; Next, the soul will enter the form of Samkarshana, the form which is full of activities; Finally, the soul enters the form of Vasudeva, the form which is greater than even Ramaa, Brahma and others
  • Sloka 32: Vedanta has decided that there is nothing greater than Vasudeva. How then can one return to this material world after having reached Vasudeva?
  • Sloka 33: Atri said:: Whether it is a (qualified) man, or a woman born in the right Varna (or having the right lakshanas), One who worships Lord Janardana with devotion will have all their good wishes satisfied
  • Sloka 34: Koushika said:: Those people who are undergoing immense suffering due to lack of worship of Govinda, such people attain eternal bliss (Moksha) by just worshipping Vasudeva
  • Sloka 35: Brahma said:: Who can ever wish to cross the ocean just by the power of their own hands? Similarly, who can ever hope to attain Moksha without worshipping Vasudeva?
  • Sloka 36: Parashara said:: If someone commits sin and then repents for it, Shastras have prescribed an atonement for such a person – the remembrance (chanting) of Lord Hari’s name!
  • Sloka 37: The amount of sin that is burnt away by the mere name of Lord Hari is so much that even the worst sinners cannot commit (that amount of sin)!
  • Sloka 38: Brahma said:: Those people who have never committed any good deed (Punya) since many lives, those who do not have any mind, those who are of Tamasic nature; such people in this Universe do not like Bhakti nor chanting and remembering Govinda’s name
  • Sloka 39: Only when one gains control over his senses, has a pure heart and chants the name of Lord Hari, does a Purusha get liberated from the cycle of birth, sorrow, ageing and other such sufferings
  • Sloka 40: But, as Kali Yuga progresses, as the knowledge of Dharma reduces, people will not remember nor chant the name of Hari, though it has the power to burn all the sins committed due to the influence of Kali




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