Krishnamruta Maharnava – III

  • Sloka 21: Markandeya said:: One who worships Vishnu, the Lord of Brahma and other devatas and the One who destroys the cycle of birth and death, even once, such a person will surely achieve all his goals. Such a person will attain the highest position of Mukti
  • Sloka 22: O Rudra! the Lord of Indra and other devatas – In order to achieve even one of the Purusharthas amongst Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, there is no other way than worshipping the Lord. This statement of mine is the truth
  • Sloka 23: Rudra said:: Vishnu is the one who has taken the form of Yagnavaraha and He is infinitely radiant. One who worships the Lord – to him also I offer my infinite respects
  • Sloka 24: Marichi said:: O son of the King! One who doesn’t worship Govinda will never attain the supreme position of Vaikunta. Therefore, do worship Achyuta
  • Sloka 25: Atri said:: One who receives the grace of Vishnu – who resides in everybody’s heart and is greater than even the best devatas such as Brahma – such a person will surely attain the indestructible Vaikunta. What I have said is indeed true!
  • Sloka 26: Angira said:: Vishnu, One whose nature is indestructible and who does not undergo growth, decay etc, One within whom the entire Universe resides – do worship Him if you desire to attain the best position
  • Sloka 27: Pulastya said:: Vishnu is the Supreme Personality. He is the main refuge for all. He is full of infinite auspicious attributes and has no beginning nor any end. Those who worship Him obtain Moksha, which is otherwise impossible to obtain
  • Sloka 28: Pulastya said:: O Noble man! You too worship Vishnu, whose worship, through hundred yagas, by Purandara got him the position of the leader of Gods
  • Sloka 29: Those who worship Vishnu get all their desires, relating to anything in the three worlds, satisfied. Similarly, they also obtain Vaikunta, which is even better than the three worlds (better than heaven)
  • Sloka 30: Those who worship Vishnu, the one who wears Shankha, Chakra and Gada, will lose all their sins and will enter (the abode of) Vishnu, One who is the best and One who is full of auspicious attributes




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