Rama Stotras

Today is the auspicious ocassion of Sri Rama Navami. Today is the day when Lord Rama appeared on earth as the son of Dasharatha and Kausalya. Lord Rama, being the Supreme Lord himself, is not subject to birth (and death) like mere mortals. His avatars are all just “appearances”.

On this ocassion, I managed to transliterate a few Rama Stutis and Stotras. You can download the same, in Kannada and Devanagiri scripts, from here. The stotras are

  1. Rama Stuti
  2. Rama Stuti (2)
  3. Rama Stotra
  4. Rama Panchakam
  5. Rama Dashakam
  6. Rama Charitram
  7. Sri Rama Ashtottara Shatha Nama Stotra
  8. Rama Ashtakam
  9. Sri Rama Ashta Vimshati Nama Stotra
  10. Collection of Rama Stutis from Srimadacharya’s Dvadasha Stotras

Of course, these are available from the Mantras page as well.

May Lord Rama bless all!

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