Sarvamoola Granthas

One of my goals for this portal is to make available all the 37 Sarvamoola Granthas, or Works or Sri Madhvacharya, in Kannada and Devanagiri.  As a first step towards that, I have started transliterating the Sankeerna Granthas. Tomorrow being Hanuman Jayanthi, it is an excellent occasion to post the first result of this initiative. You can download the “Sadachara Smruti” in Kannada and Devanagiri from the below link.

This is a classic work of Srimadacharya, giving us simple guidelines on pious living. It has instructions on what activities one should follow in one’s life. It is a short but loaded composition.

The same link also has two other short works of Srimadacharya – the Dvadasha Stotra and the Kanduka Stuti. I had completed these a while ago and have just re-organized them in this category.

Initially, I plan to complete the shorter (note the word shorter, I don’t mean smaller) works of Srimadacharya including Anu Bhashyam, Krishnamruta Maharnava, Yamaka Bharata, Tantra Sara Sangraha and Yati Pranava Kalpa. Later, I hope to graduate to his bigger works.


8 thoughts on “Sarvamoola Granthas

  1. We share the same goals. I have already transliterated Pramana Lakshana, anu-bhashya, dvadasha stotra, nakha stuti. I have even developed a mechanism to automatically convert to many scripts. Not just Devanagari & Kannada, but also Telugu, Malayalam, Gurmukhi, Oriya, etc.
    These are all in plain text, unicode. I am hacking a script to convert them automatically to XML / HTML.

    Can we both collaborate ?

    1. Namaskara Sri Satish,

      How do we co-ordinate? Is there a site or page where you have put up these files. It would be great to work together.

      One reason why I have restricted myself to Kannada, Devanagiri and English is because I cannot proof-read the other scripts.

      Regards, Hari

  2. Dear Hariprasad
    It is an excellant work and I am need of kannada literature of Mahabharat Tatparya Niryana or any works of Sri Madhwacharya. If time permits pl. help me getting the same

  3. hi , i will b greatfull if u send me these transl’n ofgreat philo’r work 2 me and i am intr’std in sandhya basha, in original languvage that is kannada

    1. Yes, english texts are available. check in and also Dr.BNK sharma’s books which are available in Bangalore

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