Palayachyuta Stotra

The Palayachyuta Stotra, also known as Krishnaashtaka or the Krishna Stuti is another great composition by Sri Vadiraja Swamy. It has only 9 stanzas and very easy to chant. It praises Lord Krishna as the one adorning Udupi (Raupyapeeta pura).

This stotra praises Krishna starting from his face and then goes on to describe his neck, hands and so on. It may be recalled that the first stotra of Sri Madhvacharya’s Dwadasha Stotra praises Vishnu starting from his feet and moving upwards. Therefore, some people consider it equivalent to a Mangalarathi if the first stotra of Dwadasha Stotra (Vande Vandyam….) and the Palayachyuta Stotra are narrated one after the other.

I have uploaded the Kannada transliteration of this beautiful shloka to my mantras page.

In addition, I have also uploaded a second version of Sri Rama Raksha Stotra in the same page.


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