Sode Tapovana

In Sode, along with the Sri Vadiraja Matha and the Trivikrama temple, another equally important and fascinating place is the “Tapovana”. This place is about 5 kms from the Matha and is on the banks of the river Shalmala.

Tapovana is the place where Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to sit down for his daily meditation whenever he was in Sode. It was there that Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to meditate upon Lord Hayagriva with a plate of “Hayagriva Maddi”, a special sweet dish made by him, on his head.

It is believed that the Lord used to visit him everyday during his meditation in the form of a horse and eat the sweet offered by him.

Even today, there are lots of relics at the place which are a living proof of the fact that Sri Vadiraja Swamy used to frequent this place and meditate here. Not to mention that there is a lot of tranquility at the place and is ideal for meditation.

There are lots of private jeeps available around the Matha and the drivers, for a nominal amount, double up as guides as well. It is a must visit for those planning to go to Sode.

A couple of stories about the Tapovana and the Trivikrama Temple in a subsequent post.