Jayanti Nirnaya, Anu Bhashya and Yati Pranava Kalpa

I have added the Kannada, Devanagari and English transliterations of Srimadacharya’s “Jayanti Nirnaya”, “Anu Bhashya” and “Yati Pranava Kalpa”  to the Mantras page. Check under “Sarvamoola Granthas”.

Jayanti Nirnaya is a small composition by Sri Madhvacharya where he gives directions on how to determine the right day/time for celebrating Sri Krishna Jayanti. Details on how to celebrate the festival are also given. This is a short but very useful composition.

Anu Bhashya is a short work which is like a concise summary of Srimadacharya’s Brahma Sutra related granthas.

Yati Pranava Kalpa is a work on the methodology in intiating a person into Sanyasa. It also has details on the discipline to be followed by Sanyasis and the various kinds of Japas and rituals they need to perform. It also talks about the philosophical tenets that they need to adhere to and propagate.

P.S: I have also uploaded the english text of Sadachara Smruti and the Devanagiri+English text of Kanduka Stuti at the same location.

Creation and sustenance

Having laid my hands on an excellent Kannada book which details the process of creation of the Universe and other topics, I have started to build a series of pages in the “Parampare” section based on this book.

You can read the same starting here. It is of course very much a work-in-progress page.