Venkatesha Stotra

The Kannada and Devanagari transliteration of the Sri Venkatesha Stotra is now available at the Mantras page.

The Venkatesha Stotra is a very beautiful and powerful stotra, recited daily by most Madhvas. It is from the Brahmanda Purana and is believed to be extremely powerful in burning away our accumulated sins and obtaining the grace of Lord Vishnu.

An excellent and exhaustive commentary on the stotra is being provided by Sri Chiraan at his website, which is strongly recommended.

Bhagavadgita: Chapter 3: Karma Yoga

I have uploaded the Kannada, Devanagari and English transliteration of the third chapter of Srimad Bhagavadgita at the Mantras page.

In this chapter, Arjuna asks the Lord which of the two, out of Karma and Jnana (knowledge) is the right path to undertake. Krishna’s explanation of the importance of following one’s Varnochita maarga, the path according to one’s Varna is beautiful.

Lord Krishna explains that it is impossible to stay without performing any Karma at all and even those on the path of Jnana have to do a little Karma at least.

Lord Krishna further explains that it is much better to perform the Dharma according to one’s own Varna rather than take a path not destined for ourselves.

Lord Krishna highlights the fact that great Kings like Janaka have attained salvation through Karma Maarga itself.

Narayana Upanishad

Sri Dheerendra Aeri, a regular visitor to this blog, and a dear friend has transliterated into Kannada, the Maha Narayana Upanishad. The pdf of the same can be downloaded from the mantras page.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Sri Dheerendra for his contribution. I would only be happy to take more such contributions from you 🙂

May Lord Krishna bless you and your family!