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  1. Dear Sri Hariprasad,

    I felt that the following write-up might of use to all the madhwa family in the modern times, who have no clue to handle a situation where a death occurs in a family. If you also feel that the write-up is worth and benefits our community people, you may choose to publish the article in your website after verifying and necessary cross checking.

    The information was gathered from a knowledgeable priest in Chennai who specializes in ‘uttara kriya’.


    N. Srinivas


    The following are some of the initial do’s and don’ts in the event of any death occurring in a madhwa family, till such time the punditji arrives to start the rituals.

    1. All the family members should take a full bath as soon as a death occurs in a family.

    2. The body should be placed in the floor as quickly as possible, after the death.

    3. Before placing the body in the floor, 3 square ‘mandalas’ (draw the ‘mandalas’ in the reverse direction) to be made using ‘gomaya’ water – one in the centre and the other two on top and bottom respectively.

    4. Place some ‘ellu’ (gingelly) seeds and ‘dharba’ (‘dharba to be placed facing south) in all the 3 square ‘mandalas’

    5. Place the body on top of the ‘mandalas’ with the head and leg in the south and north direction respectively.

    6. Take a coconut and break it into 2 pieces

    7. Put some rice grains in the floor beyond the head portion and paddy below the leg portion of the body, so as to help placing each of the piece of the coconut on them.

    8. Pour some ghee in the top piece of the coconut so as to light a lamp in it with a SINGLE (thick) wig.

    9. Pour some gingelly oil on the other piece of the coconut to help lighting a lamp using a SINGLE thick wig.

    10. Offer ‘tirtha’ to the deceased and circumbulate in the reverse direction ( ‘apradakshine’) before doing ‘vandana’.

    11. The punditji is expected to arrive by then to continue with the rituals attached with this ‘uthara kriya’.

    12. The body is expected to to be cremated within 3.75 ‘galige’ (roughly 1hour 30 min.). The body is considered ‘Tanjane’, if cremated beyond 10 hours.

    All the above is done to reduce the suffering, if any the ‘jeeva’ goes through after the death, before it reaches the next stage of its journey where it is destined.

    p.s. It goes without saying that in a madhwa family following orthodoxy, it is imperative to always have the following outside the pooja room (but in a ‘madi’ place) to meet any eventuality:

    a. Devara Tirtha
    b. Dharba
    c. ‘Ellu’ (Gingelly seeds)
    4. Coconut
    5. Ghee
    6. Gingelly oil
    7. Gomaya
    8. Wig
    9. Rice grains
    10. Paddy

  2. Namaskara

    Hare Srinivasa

    I needed the Kannada script software.
    Pls guide me to the link.
    Currently after download, tge pdf has special characters only.


  3. I did not find :Sudarshana Maha Mantra” (Om Kleem Krishnaaya …… Param Jyotishe Namaha” in this Blog.

  4. Dear sir ,
    I chanced upon this site looking for true information’s on the mahabharatha war and on Pandavas. Truly you have given me excellent information for sharing with other like minded ones . Especially, article on Sri Bhima is thought provoking .Most of the information .am coming to know for the first time .!! .Great .Please also let me know more unknown information’s on other pandava’s and more interesting truth that we need to know . It is pleasant surprise to know now that Lord Bhima Was born as Sri madhva !! in kaliyuga .Is it Sri Madhvachrya that you mentioned as Sri Madhva ?? .Like this am told by a friend of mine that Sri Aswathama is also great and is to become the next VedaVyasar . on seeing the present mahabharatha episodes people think bad about him . But he also is born with very special divine qualities .
    Can you please let me know more informations on Sri Aswattama . Infact i used to meet a vaishnava person who had met him in the Himalaya’s and was blessed by him . Unfortunately he is not alive now . .I used to see a photograph of Sri Aswattama in his house and on his aradhana day ,the 4/5 ft photo of Sri Aswattama will be covered with vibhuthi for a few days . I think slowly let me browse your other articles .
    Do you know of any living True God Realized Saint’s who can be met ??

  5. My dear Sir – Your explicit purpose for creating this website, I understand, is to facilitate the faithful followers of Madhvacharya, and other genuine seekers of the proper understanding of Dharma, by spreading and discussing the tattva.
    Why then, are you allowing people who do not follow this philosophy, post random and offensive comments against the Holy personalities in scriptures like Bhima and Arjuna? This is not correct. See for example, the blog comments on – https://anandatirtha.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/when-bhima-vowed-to-kill-karna/

    I beg you to have a condition for anybody to post in the blogs – In the login registration, you must make them answer whether they are followers of the Madhva Sampradaya philosophy, or at most any other genuine Vaishnava Sidhanta (ISKCON, SriVaishnava). Others may read but they cannot post with half knowledge and without the proper reverence to the Scriptures and the ideal Vaishnavas in the Scripture like Bhima, Arjuna, and Yudhisthira. They are missing the point of the essential message being conveyed through the lives of these great Devotees and Scriptural personalities and making silly and even offensive mundane comments. This is not the desire of our Preceptors like Madhva, and the Scripture is not some open playground for debate by people who have not undergone the training of Vaishnavism and who are coming with various lower qualities and mundane biases, unconnected with the factual content of the scriptures like Mahabharata.

    If you do not act immediately to restrict such comments, you (i.e., this website) are also becoming a party to the offense committed towards Scriptures and Holy Devotees of God whose lives embody Dharma in its various subtle manifestations, and who are sent by God (or come with Him in His Avataras) explicitly to teach enlightenment to Humanity.

    With humble respects, my fervent plea is to stop all these things, and act firmly for the benefit of the community, which noble intent you started this website originally with. Thank you.

    1. I agree with SVS. This forum must be to propagate Madhva Philosphy and not start a dabate on Sri Madhvacharya’s interpretations. K G B Doss

  6. Sir,
    In the ‘Taratamya’ list, please inform the level/place of Shri Raghavendra Swamy, Shri Vadiraja Swamy, Yakshas, Yakshini, Mookambike, Annapurneshwari.

  7. 4th april 2016 ,
    Resp sir / madam, namaskar,
    I have tried several times but i am not able to get access to ” Hayagrieva Dwadash Nam stotra ” and ” Rudra dwadash nam stotram ” and Krishna Dwadash nam stotras
    . I wan these all stotras in devnagari or sanskrit lipi.
    I am not able to open any stotras in Mantra section.
    Can U please send the same to my e mail.
    My e mail is tirthvitthal@gmail.com
    Previously long time back I have downloaded
    Krishnastuti by param pujya saint Vadiraj , Ram dwadash nam stotra and Nrusinha varaha stora in devnagri lipi and I buyhearted the same and chanting the same.

  8. I am not able to download Sri Shrishagunadarpana Stotra. I get a message This site can’t be reached

    nellitheertha.com’s server DNS address could not be found. How do I get this stotra..

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