shrI rAma kavacha – shlOkas 19, 20, 21

shlOka number 19

raktapAdatalAdityaH pAtu pAdatalE mama |
prAptAyOdhyApuraishvaryaH prAchyAM pAtu manOramaH || 19 ||

rakta – blood or red
pAdatala – sole of the foot
AdityaH – the descendant of the sUrya dynasty
pAtu – protect
pAdatalE – soles
mama – mine
prAptA – obtained
ayOdhyA – ayodhya
pura – city
aishwarya – riches
prAchyAM – eastern side
pAtu – protect
manOramaH – pleasing to the mind

O Lord rAma! the One who appeared in the dynasty of sUrya, the One who has blood colored soles, please protect the soles of mine.

O Lord! the One who obtained (back) the city of ayodhya and all riches, please protect me from the eastern side.


shlOka number 20

dharmapravartakaH pAyAdavAchyAM nIradadyutiH |
pAtu pratIchyAM yajvIndrO hanUmatpAramEshTyadaH || 20 ||

dharma – dharma
pravartakaH – propagator
pAyAt – protect
avAchyAM – from the southern side
nIrada – cloud
dyutiH – flash
pAtu – protect
pratIchyAM – from the western side
yajviN – worshipped
indraH – dEvendra
hanUmat – hanumanta
pAramEshTya – superior (post)
daH – gave

O Lord rAma! the propagator of dharma, the One who is like a flash in the midst of the clouds (like lightning), please protect me from the southern side.

O Lord! the One who is worshipped by Indra, the One who granted the most superior position (of brahma) to hanumanta, please protect me from the western side.


shlOka number 21

udIchyAmudgatAyOgavidEhatanayApriyaH |
adhOSdhaHkrutapApaughaH pAtu rAmOSkhilAgraNIH || 21 ||

udIchyAM – northern side
udgata – gone/went
yOga – union
vidEhatanayA – daughter of vidEha
priyaH – dear
adhaH – low
adhaH – low
kruta – done
pApa – sins
aughaH – lots of
pAtu – protect
ramaH – LORD rAma
akhila – without end
agraNIH – leader

O Lord rAma! the eternal endless One! the One who is the leader of all, the One who went towards the north side and united with the dear daughter of vidEha (kingdom/king), please protect me since I have committed a huge amount of the lowest of lowest category sins.


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