shri rAma chAritra manjari – VI

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

pampAteeraM cha gacchanniha kRutavasatirbhaktituShTaH shyabaryai
datvA muktiM prakurvan hanumata uditaM prAptasugreevasakhyaM |
Sapta cchitvAtha tAlAnvidhivarabalinO vAlibhitsUryasUnuM
kurvANO rAjyapAlaM samavatu nivasanmAlyavatkandharEsau || 6 ||

Words in the shlOka

pampA, teeraM, cha, gacchan, iha, kRutavasatiH, bhaktituShTaH, shyabaryai, datvA, muktiM, prakurvan, hanumataH, uditaM, prApta, sugreeva, sakhyaM, sapta, cchitvA, atha, tAlAn, vidhi, vara, balinaH, vAlibhit, sUrya, sUnuM, kurvANaH, rAjyapAlaM, samavatu, nivasan, mAlyavat, kandarE, asau

Word meanings

pampA – the river pampa
teeraM – banks (of)
cha – and
gacchan – having gone
iha – this
krutavasatiH – stayed there
bhaktituShTaH – having been pleased with the devotion
shabaryaiH – to shabari
datvA – gave
muktiM – salvation
prakurvan – having executed (kept)
hanumataH – hanumAn
uditaM – the words (of)
prApta – having obtained
sugreeva – sugreeva
sakhyaM – friendship
sapta – the seven
cchitvA – pierced
atha – then
tAlAn – the daityas who were in the form of the palm trees
vidhi – brahma
vara – the boon (of)
balinaH – became strong
vAlibhit – having killed vAli
sUrya – sUrya
sUnuM – the son of
kurvANaH – having made
rAjyapAlaM – the King of
samavatu – protect
nivasan – having stayed
mAlyavat – in mAlyavat mountain
kandarE – in a cave
asau – Lord rAma


Having left chitrakooTa, LORD rAma (along with lakshmaNa) reached pampA teera and stayed there. There, LORD saw the devotion of shabari, and being pleased with it, granted her mukti.
LORD rAma then listened to the words of hanumanta and accepted the friendship of sugreeva. He then pierced and killed 7 daityas who were in the form of 7 tAla trees and were strong due to the boon of Lord Brahma.
After that, LORD killed vAli and established sugreeva, the son of sUrya, as the King (of kiShkinda). The LORD then stayed in the cave of mAlyavanta mountain.
May such a LORD rAma protect us!


Shabari was actually an apsara who had been cursed by shachi dEvi for having shown her pomp and attitude in front of Indra.
LORD rAma destroyed 7 daityas with a single arrow by piercing the 7 palm trees in which they were staying.
Once sugreeva became King, the rainy season started. Therefore, LORD rAma waited for the appropriate season to arrive for the search, by staying in a cave in mAlyavat mountain

shri krishNArpaNamastu

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