shri rAma chAritra manjari – IV

Source: shri gururAja saMputa – Volume 1 – published by mantralaya matha

dattvAsmai pAdukE svE kshitibharaNakRutau prEshya taM kAkanEtraM
vyasyArAdhyO&trinAmnA vanamatha samitO danDakaM tApasEShTaM |
Kurvan hatvA virAdhaM khalakuladamanaM yAchitastApasAgraiH
tEShAM datvA&bhayaM svAnasidhanuriShudheenyAnagastyAt pAyAt || 4 ||

Words in the shlOka

datvA, asmai, pAdukE, svE, kShiti, bharaNa, kRutau, prEshya, taM, kAka, nEtraM, vyasya, ArAdhyaH, atrinAmnA, vanaM, atha, samitaH, danDakaM, tApasa, iShTaM, kurvan, hatvA, virAdhaM, khala, kula, damanaM, yAchitaH, tApasAgraiH, tEShAM, datvA, abhayaM, svAn, asi, dhanu, iShuDhi, yAn, agastyAt, saH, pAyAt

Word meanings

datvA – having given
asmai – this bharata
pAdukE – the footwear
svE – HIS own
kShiti – Earth
bharaNa – protecting
kRutau – in the act of doing
prESHya – sent
taM – him
kAka – crow
nEtraM – in the eye
vyasya – having rejected
ArAdhyaH – having been worshipped
atrinAmnA – by the name of Atri
vanaM – forest
atha – thereafter
samitaH – having obtained
daNDakaM – by the name of daNDaka
tApasa – Rushi by name sharabhanga
iShTaM – desire (that of obtaining his deserved position)
kurvan – having blessed
hatvA – killed
virAdhaM – asura by name virAdha
khala – daityas
kula – the entire clan
damanaM – to destroy
yAchitaH – having been prayed upon
tApasAgraiH – by the best of Rushis
tEShAM – to them
datvA – having given
abhayaM – the assurance of security
svAn – HIS own
asi – sword
dhanu – bow
iShudhi – quiver
yAn – having obtained
agastyAt – from sage agastya
saH – HE (Lord rAma)
pAyAt – may He protect


LORD rAma gave his footwear to HIS brother bharata and sent him with the responsibility of protecting the earth (ruling the Kingdom). HE then destroyed the asura who was residing in the eyes of the crow.

HE then left chitrakooTa and met Rushi Atri and was worshipped by him. From there he proceeded to daNDaka forest. There, he granted the wishes of Sage sharabhanga and he reached his desired (deserved) lOka.

LORD rAma then destroyed the asura by name virAdha. A whole group of Rushis met the LORD and requested HIM to destroy the entire group of asuras (led by rAvaNa). LORD rAma blessed them and assured them of the destruction of the asuras.

HE then received, from sage agastya, various weapons such as a sword, bow, quivers of arrows (that never exhausted) all of which were given by Indra to the sage (in order to hand over to the LORD).

May such a LORD always protect us!


The crow was actually Jayanta, the son of Indra, with the Avesha of a asura called turaNga. LORD killed the asura by doing abhimantrana to a blade of grass and shooting it at the crow
Sage sharabhanga prayed to LORD and as per permission of the LORD, entered a fire and gave up his body. HE reached paramapada
The asura virAdha was actually a gandharva by name tumburu. He enjoyed the pleasure of urvashi, which enraged kubEra and therefore got cursed to be born as an asura. When LORD killed virAdha, tumburu got freed and went back to his original abode
The quiver that sage agastya gave the LORD was one which never got emptied of arrows. It was an “akshaya” quiver

shri krishNArpaNamastu


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