Bhajane by Sri Vidyabhushana

On Tuesday last, Sri Vidyabhushana, the genial singer of dasarapadas, visited our home for a Bhajana program. Once in a while, he visits, along with his team, to houses of interested people and conducts a Bhajana program.

We were extremely lucky that he accepted to visit our home this Tuesday. He and his Bhajana group members came at around 6:45PM and performed for nearly 90 minutes. It was a divine experience listening to Sri Vidyabhushana singing some very popular dasara padas.

At the end of the journey, he performed a puja. Overall, it was an extraordinary spiritual experience.


10 Responses to “Bhajane by Sri Vidyabhushana”

  1. gopal Gopinath Says:

    Hi, Namaste. Do you have any recordings of the same?

  2. Smitha Says:

    Blessed are those who are blessed by a Haridasa. Lucky you!

  3. raghotham Says:

    Can you please share and contact details around how to reach Sri. Vidyabushana and his team for such home visit and invite them.

    RAghotham. N

  4. Jaganath Deshpande Says:

    Namaskar, Can you pl.share how to reach Sri Vidyabushana and his team for such home visit and invite them ????????.


  5. Sri Says:

    Namaskara Hariprasad, How to contact VBT for a home visit and perform Bhajane ?

  6. shruti Says:

    Yes, I would like to kinow how to contact Sri Vidyabhusana and or someone on his team.

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