Yaksha Prashna – VIII

Q: Which enemy is invincible?
A: Anger is the invincible enemy
Q: Which disease is incurable for man?
A: Covetousness is an incurable disease
Q: Who is an honest man?
A: He who desires the well being of all beings is an honest man
Q: Who is a dishonest man?
A: He who is merciless is a dishonest man
Q: What is true ignorance?
A: Not knowing one’s duties is true ignorance
Q: What is true pride?
A: Consciousness of one’s being is true pride
Q: What is meant by idleness?
A: Not discharging one’s duties is idleness
Q: What is grief?
A: Ignorance is true grief
Q: What have the Rishis called as steadfastness?
A: Staying in one’s own Dharma is true steadfastness
Q: What has been termed as courage?
A: Subjugation of one’s senses has been called true courage
Q: What has been called as true ablution?
A: Washing the mind clean of all impurities is a true bath
Q: What is true charity?
A: Protecting all beings is true charity
Q: Who should be regarded as learned?
A: He who knows his duties should be regarded as learned
Q: Who should be regarded as an atheist?
A: He who is ignorant is to be regarded as an atheist
Q: Who should be regarded as ignorant?
A: He who is an atheist is to be regarded as ignorant

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